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Cracking Technical Interviews

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There are two kinds of technical interviews. For service-based companies like TCS, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Wipro and the other one is product based companies. Cracking the interviews of service based company is easier than Product.

Service Based Companies: For a service based company, all they require is that if you are able to explain the technical terms and if you are able to communicate to them or not. They will be asking the questions related to their requirement. Like oops concept or if you are applying for specific domain like react or node profile then they will ask the questions related to that. If you are able to communicate to them and explain the things, you will be hired. People from the non technical background, having basic technical knowledge can also get entries in these companies.

Product Based Companies: Now coming to the product based companies. These companies have difficult hiring procedure, they choose those students or working professionals who have strong command on Computer Fundamentals, Data Structures, and algorithms. These companies are Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, Snapdeal, Zomato etc. Also, you should have strong logical and analytical thinking. Most of the companies ignore the programming language whatever you are using but still, you have to be well versed with at least one programming language. They will check your problem-solving skill and coding. They mostly choose the student from CS or IT background. But don’t worry if you are not from IT background but having enough skill which these companies require, you can still crack the interviews. These companies have generally 4-5 rounds. I would like to share some tips for cracking the interviews of these companies.
1. Resume Building: Your resume should clearly mention your accomplishment, your command on computer fundamentals, your problem-solving skill. It should be short and precise. Try to make connections with people working in these companies, get a referral and apply for the job. Chances are higher for the shortlisting if someone is referring you.
2. Problem Solving and Coding: Once you get shortlisted you might have to give telephonic round or face to face direct interview. It can be a whiteboard interview or online test or on the paper. They will give you the problems related to data structures and algorithms and you need to make the program or solve the problem. Whenever an interviewer is giving the problem, clear all the doubts and ask the questions. Like how many inputs are there or if the question is related with array then sorted or unsorted anything. You need the consider all the case scenarios.
Now tell them your approach firstly using brute force algorithm. Once you are done and the interviewer is convinced, write the program for that. Some interviewers also try to help you while coding. They will be checking your logical thinking and how clean and good code you are writing in less time.
They can also ask to optimize your code or another best approach also they will ask the question related with time and space complexity. They can also give you a different scenario to break your code or algorithm, so make sure you consider all the scenarios.
3. Projects: Prepare yourself for whatever projects you have done during your internship or in your employment career. You should have all the knowledge about your project, which one was your favorite everything.
4. System Design: Big companies like Amazon, Facebook have questions related to system design. Like how would you create social media, messenger or twitter. There you need to tell your approach step by step.
5. Cultural Fit: Every company is looking for someone who can run their business and make a profit, and that’s why this round is conducted in all the companies. How would you deal with pressure, coordination with your co-workers everything, they will check these things. If they won’t find you fit in their culture, you will be rejected then, so make sure you don’t say anything negative here.

In the end be nice and polite during your interview, do not fake anything, smile, communicate properly, make eye contact to show your confidence and never ever show your ego during your interviews. You can check GeeksforGeeks portal for all kind of interview questions also I would like to give advice to finish the book “Cracking the Coding Interviews”

All the Best

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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