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CouponDunia Interview Experience | Set 4 (Off-Campus for Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016
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I applied of off campus for the internship. Selection consist of five rounds. I cleared all the rounds.
Round 1:
(Online Coding Test on Hacker Rank)
This round consist of 3 question out of which two was easy and one was medium

Q1. Run length Encoding of string with slight modification

Q2. It was easy question dint remember

Q3. A DP question variation of word break problem

I did all the 3 questions and get call for the telephonic interview.
Round 2:(Telephonic with real time coding with code pair)


Q3 sql query to find 2nd highest salary and 6th highest salary

Q4 6 pirate problem
Round 3:(Skype round)
Q1. given two string check if one is sub string of another or not

Q2. given two string check if one is rotation of another or not.

Q3. Alternate level order traversal of a binary tree.

Q4. Heaps and its full code

Q5. Given a file with millions of string sort them

Q6. Given a linked list with millions of node a node will contain character from a to z . Sort them.

Q7. There are 127 player in a knock out tournament how many min no of matches to be played to find out winner.

Q8. DBMS indexing ,left join , outer join etc.

Some concepts of OS. etc

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