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Count number of lines in a text file in Python

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020

Prerequisites: File Handling in Python

Counting the number of characters is important because almost all the text boxes that rely on user input have a certain limit on the number of characters that can be inserted. For example, the character limit on a Facebook post is 63, 206 characters. Whereas, for a tweet on Twitter the character limit is 140 characters and the character limit is 80 per post for Snapchat.

This program in Data file handling in Python emphasizes the counting the number of lines in a text file in Python.


  • Open the file in read mode and assign a file object named “file”.
  • Assign 0 to the counter variable.
  • Read the content of the file using read function and assign it to a variable named “Content”.
  • Create a list of the Content where the elements are split wherever they encounter an “\n”.
  • Traverse the list using a for loop and iterate the Counter variable respectively.
  • Further the value now present in the variable Counter is displayed which is the required action in this program.

Below is the implementation.

Let’s suppose the text file looks like this –


# Python program to count the 
# number of lines in a text file
# Opening a file
file = open("gfg.txt","r")
Counter = 0
# Reading from file
Content =
CoList = Content.split("\n")
for i in CoList:
    if i:
        Counter += 1
print("This is the number of lines in the file")


This is the number of lines in the file
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