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Cornerstone OnDemand Interview Experience for Java developer (On-Campus) 2023

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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I appeared for the Cornerstone OnDemand test + interview in August 2022 through college placement for the Java Developer role for freshers. A total of 6 rounds were conducted. The whole procedure was in offline mode in college.

Cornerstone OnDemand had come for 3profiles in our college:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • JAVA Developer
  • .Net Developer

The procedure for all these roles was the same and conducted together.


  • SSC, HSC, Diploma: 60% & above
  • Engineering: 6.50 CGPA & above
  • No live backlog

Round 1 Offline Test: The test was held in the classroom and consisted of the followingsections

  • Oop theoretical concepts
  • 2 basic coding questions
  • 2 SQL queries
  • Api designing

This test was relatively easy if your basic concepts were cleared and you have done some basic practice with various coding questions. You can refer to basic coding questions from gfg to practice for this round.

Result: 27 students (Java developer + .Net developer + Mobile Application development) were shortlisted after this round.

Round 2 Technical Interview: In the interview, one interviewer was there to take an interview and it started with an introduction. The main focus of the interview was the concepts of oop and DBMS. I had done projects with java and SQL plus I was having my basic concepts cleared so I was able to answer the questions but I was unable to answer advanced level questions, so I informed my interviewer that my knowledge of Java is beginner level and I had implemented only basic things, My interviewer was very friendly and kind he decided to take my interview based on basic oop concepts, DSA and DBMS. After that, he asked questions based on OS, and CN.

The following questions were asked me:

  • First, he started with an introduction.
  • Then he moved on to the oop and Dbms-related questions.
  • He asked me questions based on my resume.
  • Interviewer asked me about one of my projects which I mentioned in my introduction and also on my resume. I explained to him the whole project, and he asked many questions related to the technicality and working of my project.
  • After that, he moved on to DSA and asked some array-related basic questions about implementations and asked me to debug my code manually.
    • Real-life examples of polymorphism and concepts in detail
    • Network topology 
    • Some basic SQL queries
      The interview went on for around an hour and he was quite satisfied with my answers.

Round 3(second technical round): After my first technical round I had been called for a second technical round with another interviewer which also kept going for one hour. This round was completely dependent on java and I had been asked various basic plus advanced concepts of java.

Round 4 (third technical round): Almost half an hour after my second technical round, I was called for the third and final technical round. In this round, there was again another interviewer who took my interview completely based on DBMS concepts and SQL queries. He asked me about joins, and normalizations and asked me to normalize the data which he has given to me. I tried my best in this round and solved all the queries and also explained every concept neatly by drawing basic diagrams for examples to give clarity to my explanations.

Round 5 (first HR round): This round was a combination of HRplus managerial interviews. The purpose of this round was to check if you are a perfect fit for their job role. She was very friendly and she made me comfortable with small talk. She first gave her introduction and then asked for mine. Then I gave my introduction. She then asked about my co-curricular activity. It seemed like she was genuinely interested in knowing me if I have the qualities to work under pressure and if I am a team player. She also asked some situation-based questions and standard HR questions like what is your greatest achievement? Overall the interview was pretty chill and she was just checking up on my personality and if I possess the required qualities to work in a team and my technical knowledge.

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