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Convert dataframe to nested list in R

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2022
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In R Programming Data frame is nothing but a two-dimensional entity that consists of rows and columns whereas Lists in R are data structures that are able to store multiple data values at once.

List Creation

Lists in R can be created using list() function.

Syntax: list(element1, element2, element3,….)

Dataframe Creation

Dataframes in R are created using data.frame() function.

Syntax: data.frame(column1=values, column2=values,….)

Conversion of data frame to list

In R programming there is no direct function that converts data frame to list so we need to convert it using loop and code for that is given below.


# Creation of sample data frame
for(i in df){
# Print data frame
print('Data Frame')
# Check the type of variable nested_list
# Print created nested list
print('Nested List')




As in R Programming, there are no in-built functions to convert data frame to list, following are the steps to convert

  •  At first we created a sample data frame(df) and an empty list(nested_list) 
  •  Later on by using for loop we accessed columns of data frame and appended it to the created empty list.
  •  To check the type of nested_list variable we used typeof() function in R [Even for a Nested List in R it’s data type is List only so the output returned is of type “List”].
  •  Finally printed the created Nested List.
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