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Complete Django History | Python

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Prerequisite – When to Use Django ? Comparison with other Development Stacks

Django was design and developed by Lawrence journal world in 2003 and publicly released under BSD license in July 2005. Currently, DSF (Django Software Foundation) maintains its development and release cycle.

Django was released on 21, July 2005. Its current stable version is 2.2.5 which was released April 1, 2019.

The latest official version is 2.2.5 (LTS). Read the 2.2.5 release notes, then install it with pip:

pip install Django==2.2.5

As part of the Django 3.0 development process, Django 3.0a1 is available. This release is only for users who want to try the new version and help identify remaining bugs before the 3.0 release. Please read the 3.0 release notes before using this package.

Install the alpha with pip:

pip install --pre django

Complete History of Django

Version Date Description
0.90 16 Nov 2005
0.91 11 Jan 2006 magic removal
0.96 23 Mar 2007 newforms, testing tools
1.0 3 Sep 2008 API stability, decoupled admin, unicode
1.1 29 Jul 2009 Aggregates, transaction based tests
1.2 17 May 2010 Multiple db connections, CSRF, model validation
1.3 23 Mar 2011 Timezones, in browser testing, app templates.
1.5 26 Feb 2013 Python 3 Support, configurable user model
1.6 6 Nov 2013 Dedicated to Malcolm Tredinnick, db transaction management, connection pooling.
1.7 2 Sep 2014 Migrations, application loading and configuration.
1.8 LTS 2 Sep 2014 Migrations, application loading and configuration.
1.8 LTS 1 Apr 2015 Native support for multiple template engines.Supported until at least April 2018
1.9 1 Dec 2015 Automatic password validation. New styling for admin interface.
1.10 1 Aug 2016 Full text search for PostgreSQL. New-style middleware.
1.11 LTS 1.11 LTS Last version to support Python 2.7.Supported until at least April 2020
2.0 Dec 2017 First Python 3-only release, Simplified URL routing syntax, Mobile friendly admin.
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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2019
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