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Compare intensive subsistence farming with commercial farming in India

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2022

Farming is the activity of growing crops or keeping animals in a farm. The main steps of farming include preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure and fertilizer, irrigation, harvesting, and storage. Two types of farming are discussed in detail below:

Intensive subsistence farming 

It is a type of agriculture activity in which the crops are cultivated by the owner as well as consumed by the owner and his family. Subsistence farming are done for one’s own sustainability. In this type of farming, simple input tools are used and a small area of land is cultivated but the amount of labor used here is large. The output is enough for the farmer to survive and exchange among the localities as well. Dry sunlight with proper irrigation and fertile soil permits the growth of the crop, more than one crop can be cultivated annually. This type of agriculture is mostly practiced in the highly populated areas of the monsoon regions of south, southwest, and southeast Asia.

Commercial farming

It is done on a large scale to produce more output and sell it in the market for public consumption. In commercial farming, large input tools are used on the vast area of land to produce more. Higher inputs of modern farming are used to achieve productivity. Its motive is to maximize the profit. It helps in the growth of the country’s economy and development. The practice doesn’t depend on nature as it uses heavy machineries and advanced technologies for the growth of the its crops.


Intensive subsistence farming

Commercial farming

1. Intensive subsistence farming is done for one’s own sustainability. Commercial farming is practiced for commercial purpose and for public consumption.
2. A small plot of land is used  Vast patches of land or large commercial farms are used for the cultivation.
3. More than one crop is cultivated annually. Only one crop is cultivated annually.
4. Simple input tools are used  and less capitals or investments are required. Heavy machineries, modern technologies with huge amount of investments are required.
5. Production is done to meet own requirements and extra is sold out in the localities. Production is done for selling and it contributes to National Gross Product.

Sample Questions

Question 1: What is a plantation?


Plantation is a type of commercial farming where one type of crop is grown in the large area of land.

Question 2: What are the different types of commercial farming?


There are three types of commercial farming ,they are:

  • Mixed farming
  • Commercial grain farming
  • Plantation farming

Question 3: What is shifting cultivation?


It is system of agriculture in which large patches of land are cultivated and left vacated for short period of time so as to retain the soil nutrients. It is also known as slash and burn agriculture.

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