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Cognizant Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2022
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I am a student of M.Tech. Power Electronics (2022) at SVNIT, Surat. My graduation was in Electrical Engineering. 

In November 2021, Cognizant came to our campus for two profiles 

  • CS-IT and circuit background people
  • CS-IT only

Round 1 (Online exam): Online exam on 4th December on Superset. I   expected aptitude, comprehension, and coding questions, but it was entirely based on coding. Three sections and each section had two questions. The time given was 2.5 hours.

The first section was on C++/Phython. The second was the same. The third was on DBMS. I knew only C and Embedded C but none of these. So, I submitted the paper in 5 minutes and started doing my lab work.

Round 2 (Technical interview): Almost all who applied were called for the interview irrespective of whether they had given the exam or not or what they had scored. My interview was on 18th December. Here is how it went: (C-Interviewer I-Me)

I: Good morning, ma’am.

C: Good morning, Harshil; let’s start by introducing yourself. (She gave her short introduction)

I: Answered about my graduation, GATE, postgrad, and project

C: Interesting.  Tell me more about your project.

I: Explained the CLLC resonant DC-DC converter and elaborated how it can be used in Electric Vehicle’s charging. Described what is bidirectional charging.

C: What was your favorite subject in grad?

I: Power Electronics. 

C: Is your project related to that?

I: Yes.

C: How did you get into coding?  Which languages do you know?

I: Explained how I am using Microcontroller STM32 and coding it. I Answered that I only knew C and Embedded C. 

C: How did you learn?

I: Explained.

C: What do you know about Cognizant?

I: Told it is a Fortune 500 company and in IT. Plus, the areas they are operated into. Also, about its growing performance. (as it is a publicly listed company, and I read their annual reports and balance sheets well)  

C: I am not going into coding questions or languages as you are already passed from it.

I: (Thinking that it was relieving).

C: What was your biggest failure in life? How did you overcome it?

I: Told.

C: Your resume mentions you did social service. What was that?

I: Explained.

C: Where do you see yourself as in the next 5 years?

I: If this company hires me, then as a Senior Software Developer. If not then at least at Senior Engineer in some Electrical company and am confident of it. 

C: (laughed) What are your aspirations?

I: Told.

C: Would you work for us during weekends and do overnight?

I: Yes, for overnight. No availability for weekends as it would impact my performance and company.

C: Do you plan to study more?

I: No.

C: How many years would you stay with the company?

I: I can’t comment. It depends on a number of factors including how I am growing and how the company is offering me opportunities.

C: Now, solve some questions of mathematical aptitude. 

I: Okay. 

(She gave me 15 something questions and I answered all of them correctly)

C: So, let’s get something into coding.

(She gave me two coding questions basically a program of C. I didn’t know the first. I knew the second in part.)

C: I am done with my questions. Your turn.

I: Which languages should I learn in between?

C: No need. We make freshers learn languages here in the training program.

I: Which location would you like to offer me?

C: Leave some questions for HR now. (laughed)

Round 3 (HR interview): This was basically a document verification round after the two days of the technical interview. The interviewer asked me to share my documents which I did.  Asked my preference about the location. 

After 15-20 days, they informed the college about the selected candidates and I was one of the,.

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