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Cognizant Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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The CTS has entirely revamped the recruitment process. I appeared for the interview through off-campus. The whole process was completed in three rounds. The first round was written round and the next two were face to face interviews. Each round involved elimination.

Round 1: I took the test from home with webcam and microphone enabled on 25th September’19 through the Aspiring Minds platform.The total duration of the test was two hours and there was no negative marking. The whole test was divided into four subsections-verbal, quantitative, logical reasoning and automata fix. Automata fix has seven programming questions that involve debugging the code or in some cases writing as well.

The verbal part has questions on grammar basics and on comprehension. Luckily, I got the same comprehension that I read on and it really helped a lot.

The aptitude part is easy if you have done a practice from R.S.Agarwal. You can solve examples from averages, profit, and loss, percentages, pipes and cisterns, problems on trains, etc.

The logical reasoning part was what  I found the toughest as it had several questions on coding-decoding and seating arrangements and blood relations.

The last part was the automata fix. This section can be daunting if you do not know to code. Though it does not require writing the whole program but does require some understanding of the programs.

I came to know I cleared the first round through the college TPO mail on 28th September. The technical interview was scheduled on 19th October.

Fast forward to the interview day,

Round 2: I reached the venue and upon my turn went for the interview. The interviewer looked quite stern. After taking a look at my CV, he began questioning

TR: Which languages do you know?

Me: C, SQL, Java.

TR:  Which data structures do you know?

Me: Array, Linked List, Stack, and queue .

TR: Gave me an array of 4 numbers and asked how are they stored in the linked list.

Me: answered.

TR: Write a code to reverse these elements in the linked list.

I wrote the code. ( It  was an easy thing but in my nervousness, I made it complex)He asked me to explain and I did.The interviewer reviewed the code and told me the code could have been written simply.

TR: Have you done any project?

me: Explained about my summer training project and told that  We have not begun our final project yet.

TR: What is the primary key?

me: answered.

TR: What is normalization?

me: answered.

TR: What is BCNF?

me: answered.

TR: What are abstract classes? Can they make objects?

me: answered and told they cannot make objects.

TR: What is method overloading and overriding?

Me: answered. He tried to confuse me but I   explained correctly again.

Then he asked me two DBMS queries, one of which I could not answer.

TR: What is the difference between primary key and unique constraints? why are they called unique constraints?

me: answered.

TR: What is the thread?

Me: answered

TR: What are semaphores?

me: I fumbled, could not answer this.

TR: What is the candidate key?

me: answered.

TR: What are the two ways by which arguments are passed in C.

me: I explained it properly as C was my best-prepared topic.

This was the end.

TR: Do you have any questions?

me: Where can I improve?

TR: He told me I am good in C and java but there is a scope for improvement in DBMS subject.

I thanked the interviewer and left.


Round 3:  After some time I was informed of my selection for the next round.

The HR round was easy though I was not at all prepared for it.

HR: Introduce Yourself.

me. I told about myself.

HR: Tell me about the project you have done

me: explained.

HR: How did you overcome any conflict between team members while doing the project?

me: I told that I maintained clear communication with each team member and also encourage others to do the same.

HR: whether I had Any problem with relocations or doing shifts(  both were different questions)

me: I said no.

After this, there were several questions like who is the CEO of CTS, How many offices are in Kolkata, how many offices are in India.

I answered them as best as I could.

At last, She handed me a paper to sign. I signed, Thanked the interviewer and left.

It was on October 24th, that I came to know  I was selected.


ALL THE BEST  to everyone reading this.


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Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2019
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