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Cognizant Interview Experience for GenC Elevate (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 25 Oct, 2022
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Cognizant visited our college for a campus drive. They came to hire for 2 roles GenC and GenC elevate.

I applied for GenC elevate role. After shortlisting resumes there were 3 rounds in total

Online technical test: The test was conducted on mettl platform. It was divided into 2 sub-parts. In the first part, there were 3 coding questions. You may solve them in any language. In the second part, we had to solve 2 database queries. The difficulty level was easy to medium for both parts. I was able to solve 2 codes and 1 query. After 3-4 days I received a mail that I had been shortlisted for the remaining rounds.

Online Communication test: This round was also held in mettl platform and it was a non-elimination round. Here speaking, listening, and grammatical skills were tested.

Online Interview: The interview was done on the superset platform. It was an elimination round. The difficulty level of the interview was very easy.

Questions asked in an interview

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Java
  • What do you mean by platform independent
  • What is platform
  • Why java is the platform independent?
  • What is the hierarchy of writing java code?
  • What are class and object?
  • What is the correct way to name a class and a variable in java?
  • What are Array and List?
  • Difference between Array and List?
  • Write a Java code to print all even numbers between 2 to 200
  • How we can create and use methods in java?
  • Write a Java code to add two numbers by creating a method
  • Write a Java code to print the length of an Array
  • What is SQL?
  • Write a simple select query
  • And some HR questions

After 25 days of the interview, I was informed that I had been selected for GenC elevate role.

Note: if you have applied for GenC elevate the role and your performance is not that good in the interview you may be given a GenC role if you are lucky else you may get rejected.

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