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Cognizant Interview Experience 2022

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  • Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2022
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Cognizant visited our campus for a virtual drive in August 2022 for two profiles – GenC and GenC Elevate for all branches. The whole process was in Virtual Mode.

172 students registered for the 1st round.

ROUND-1: Coding Round -platform: Mettl: This round had two sections – DSA-based coding questions and SQL

  • Section – 1: Count Inversion, Power of a Node, and a few more which I am not able to recall
  • Section – 2: -Display the last name of the students who scored consistently during their midterm and full-term.

Display the rooms occupied by the section on Monday from 9-11 AM

The schema would be given to you for the reference

Shortlisted Students: 87 for GenC Elevate

Tip: Practice DSA standard and most-famous questions for Section – 1 and Previous Year Questions for Section – 2

ROUND-2: Communication Assessment Round: This was a mandatory round. Don’t take this round lightly. Different sections in this round were – Pronounce the sentences, filling in the blanks, listening comprehension, speaking for a minute on the given topic

Shortlisted Students: 21 for GenC Elevate

Tip: Try pronouncing words as much as possible and be very clear in the articulation of what you say.

ROUND-3: Interview Round: The interviewer may or may not ask you to introduce yourself and he can directly jump to the technical questions.

  • What is your preferred language?
  • Write a program to print odd numbers in reverse order in the given range of numbers and calculate the sum.
  • What are OOPs?
  • Difference between Inheritance and Encapsulation.
  • Difference between printf and scanf.
  • What occupies space – class or object?
  • What are different header files present in C++?
  • Difference between while and do-while loop.
  • Which Databases do you know?
  • How do you create tables?
  • What do you know about primary key constraints?
  • What do you know about Indexing constraints?
  • 3 Aptitude Questions from Profit and Loss, SP and CP, Probability
  • Are you ready for relocation?
  • Are you ready for any night shifts?

The interview lasted for about 40 minutes


  • Speak confidently, clearly, and slowly. No need to rush.
  • Try to give real-life examples while answering OOPs concepts.
  • Do not lie to the interviewer at any point. I did not know about the Indexing Constraints. I said, “Sorry Sir, I don’t know about it”.
  • Research about the company like technologies they work on, offices across India, CEO, Founder, working employees, newly inducted policies, achievements, and clients.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of your preferred language-like features. creator, year of creation, versions, syntax, basics, and comparison with other languages.
  • While writing code, ask for the constraints like in my case what is the start and end value of the range, explain the code, the keywords, and the variables you are using.
  • While solving the aptitude questions, he asked me to show the rough work. So keep pen and paper handy.
  • The interviewer is there to select you. Help him/her to select you. They are also humans like us.
  • Treat the interviewer like a conversation where you discuss what you have learned to date, how logically strong you are, and how presentable you are.

Verdict: 13 selected for the GenC Elevate. I was one of them.

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