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Cognizant GenC Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2022
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Online Assessment: It was an online exam conducted on AMCAT. Now Cognizant has divided the online aptitude test into two parts:

Round 1: GenC Aptitude Assessment.Total time: 100mins. In this section, We had 3 parts: 

  • Quants,
  • Logical, 
  • and English with 25, 35, and 20 questions respectively. 

After clearing the first round I was eligible for the 2nd round which was a communication assessment.

Round 2: Communication Assessment.Total time: 45mins. This section consists of 3 parts: Reading grammar, comprehension listening, and speaking. After clearing, assessments got selected for the Technical Interview round.

Technical Interview: The third round was the Technical Interview. It was conducted on the Superset platform and the duration was 30-40 minutes. This whole round, the interviewer focused mostly on Technical Skills.


  • Self Introduction
  • Project-related questions asked me to run the project which is very rare.
  • what is pickling in python?
  • What is Monkey Patching? (Python Concept)
  • More questions related to projects.
  • Asked about any Technology I know I said Cloud Computing then he asked questions about the basic cloud.
  • Also asked questions based on behavioral thinking. Condition-based question
  • What are OOPS concepts?
  • One Coding Question also asked to execute. Write a program to find whether a number is even or odd.

After this many of us got selected for the HR Round. I am one of them.

HR Round: This round was also conducted on Superset and was only 10 minutes. It was mostly a Document Verification round and they asked for my mark sheets and id cards and also asked some basic HR Questions. HR questions : 

  • Self Introduction
  • Document Verification
  • Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

After completing the HR round got selected in cognizant almost 1 month after the interview.

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