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Cognizant GenC elevate Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2022
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I had my interview on 20 September 2022, before that I have to clear the technical round and communication round which was held one week before my interview.

Firstly, we had to fill out the application form in the superset platform and there we have to choose for which role we were going to apply between gen c and gen c elevate.

ROUND 1(TECHNICAL ROUND): It was held on mettl browser and consists of 2 sections firstly coding and second SQL sections.

  • There were 3 coding questions and 2 SQL questions.
  • To qualify for this round whoever solves any one question from above will be qualified but at least solve two questions to be on the safer side.
  • The first round result was announced within 1 week and we were sent the link for the communication assessment which was just held the next day.

ROUND 2(COMMUNICATION ASSESSMENT): It was a non-elimination round but do give your best in these rounds. It tests your reading and speaking skills. It also tests your memory.

ROUND 3(TECHNICAL+HR): After clearing the above round I was selected for the interview which was held two days after the Round 2 assessment my slot was 11-12 am and it lasted for 30-40 minutes.

  • The Interview started on time firstly, he asked me to show my Id card and then he introduced himself and I would like to tell you that he had 10 years of experience as a java developer and working in CTS.
  • He was very humble and he asked me to introduce which I was prepared for.
  • Then he asked me in which language I am comfortable I told him -java then he told to open the ide which was there in the superset platform and he told me to write a code that was based on string(Take input from the user and print the frequency of each character in the string and print it in sorted order) it was an easy one I solved it using HashMap and he asked me to include uppercase letter also then it was not giving correct output then I told him that we can use Comparator he was satisfied and told me to code but I told him I didn’t remember how to implement it he was ok with it.
  • Then he moved towards my PROJECT and asked me to explain what I have explained to him which I have done as my minor project then he ask me about my final year project and to explain in detail about it and I told him we were currently working on it and yet to complete.
  • He didn’t ask any subject questions and moved to hr part.
  • He asked me about a situation where I failed and how do you overcome that. I answered it and told them about my school days for which he was satisfied AND then he moved on by asking purely hr questions like am I comfortable working night shifts, willing to relocate, and all these.

And at last, he told if I have any questions for him and I said yes and asked him which technologies should I learn in my final year which would benefit me while joining this company he answered for 5-7 minutes explaining in detail.

Then he told me he is done with the interview and asked me to leave the meeting.



  • Be clear with your basics and don’t get nervous while attending an interview be true to yourself.
  • For my part, no technical subjects were asked but my classmates had questions about them.
  • Brush up all important questions from arrays and strings especially for the role gen c elevate and always try to ask questions from the interviewer at the end as it gives a positive impact on him and he thinks you are really interested in joining the organization.
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