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Coditas Technologies Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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So, starting with the interview experience of Coditas Technologies, it was 5 rounds hiring process.

First Round: It was an online test that had several questions on Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning, and some pseudo codes.

Second Round: The second round was GD-1 (Group Discussion) round which was held virtually in Zoom meetings. In this round, they check your speaking abilities in the English Language. They will assign you a topic and you have to speak on the given topic.

Eliminations took place in this round but I cleared that round.

Third Round: This round was again a Group Discussion round i.e. GD-2. The exact same process took place. Again, the candidates were eliminated. This time also I cleared the round.

Fourth Round: This Round was a technical round-1. In this round, I was asked to introduce myself.

  • I was asked about my project and the topics such as OOPs and Basic C++ questions.
  • I was also given 2 coding questions, whose difficulty was easy. (Topics from my Resume were asked).
  • I was also given one aptitude question whose difficulty was easy.

After 4-5 days, I received a mail that I had cleared the round and was selected for the TR-2 Interview.

Fifth Round: This round was a Technical Round 2. In this round,

  • I was asked to introduce myself and was asked to implement the concepts of OOPs. 
  • Then I was given some 3-4 Coding questions whose difficulty was medium level. (Topics from my Resume were asked).

After approx. 7 days, I got a call from the HR team that I have cleared the final round. They told me about the bond and asked some basic HR questions.

Finally, my offer letter was sent by the HR team.

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