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Codenation Recruitment Process

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  • About the Company
  • Recruitment Process
  • Questions asked in Codenation
  • Interview Experiences
  • Where To Apply

About the Company: CodeNation is a software solutions company that is Indian daughter branch of the company DevFactory, which in turn is the research and development wing of the Trilogy Group. The main goal of the company is to optimize the software development process and deliver cost-effective world-class software products. Here are few links that will take you through the tour of the company:

Recruitment Process:

  • Coding Round
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • Technical Round 3
  • HR Round

Coding Round: The Codenation hosts its coding round on Hackerrank and generally goes by the name of CodeAgon. The round consists of about 4 questions ranging from the lower to higher difficulty. The questions are generally from the following paradigms- AdHoc, Combinatorics, Dynamic programming, Segment tree etc. Technical Round: Codenation conducts around 2 to 3 technical interview rounds and can be held both face-to-face or over Skype. The company says:

  • The first interview is designed to assess your coding process and problem-solving skills. Generally, complex and abstract problems with a bit of indirection are thrown in.
  • The second interview is to assess the depth of your concepts and the initiatives you have undertaken. They dig into the knowledge and experience of the interviewee that he or she had gained in the past from the projects and internships.
  • The third interview checks your ability to concretize a fuzzy problem statement into a solution. For example, if you had your own startup and had to build a solution like Google maps, how would you go about it?

So the question can range from all fields of CS focusing mainly on data structure and algorithms and the focal points like the dynamic programming, tree and puzzle related questions to test logic. HR Round: This round is generally taken by the CEO himself and questions can be from the projects, internships and general HR questions like:

  • Why do you want to join this company?
  • What was the toughest problem you have faced?

Questions asked in Codenation:

  1. The painter’s partition problem
  2. The painter’s partition problem
  3. Stack Data Structure (Introduction and Program)
  4. Check length of a string is equal to the number appended at its last
  5. Box Stacking Problem
  6. Reversal algorithm for array rotation
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Few Interview Experiences:

  1. Codenation Interview Experience for Freshers 1
  2. Codenation Interview Experience for Freshers 2
  3. Codenation Interview Experience for Freshers 3
  4. All articles related to Codenation >>

Where To Apply:

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Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2022
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