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Cloudera Interview Experience for Software Engineer Bengaluru-Aug 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2022
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Job Designation: Software Engineer
Cutoff: 75% throughout the Academics
No backlogs
No educational gap

Round 1 – 120 mins: Coding Round conducted on Hackerrank platform. There were 4 questions, one based on the heap, one math, one tree(a variation of max sum path), and one SQL query. Solved 2 fully, and 2 partially.
37 were selected for the next round.

Round 2 (Technical Interview) – 45 mins: It started with an introduction. The interviewer was really sweet and patient. He asked me to solve 3 coding questions on the Codebunk platform.

  • The first was to find a cycle in a linked list.
  • Second Implement a stack in C++
  • Third to merge 2 sorted arrays
  • He asked me a few questions regarding my project in web development and asked how I would integrate Ads into my website.
  •  I mentioned Google AdSense, he asked how google AdSense works, and how cookies work.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2) – 45 mins: It started with an introduction again. 

  • The interviewer was interested in one of my flutter projects and asked me a few questions based on that Project. 
  • Then he asked me to explain all the process scheduling algorithms and the pros and cons of each of the algorithms, and asked me which is the most optimal algorithm.
  •  And then gave a problem of the Round Robin Algorithm.
  • In CN, he asked me about HTTP vs HTTPS, the OSI model, different protocols, why HTTP is in the Application layer, Switches, Routers, and How a packet is transmitted.
  • In DBMS, he asked about Indexing and how I can optimize a database. I mentioned Sharding and normalization. He wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Then I said if the ids are sorted, I can do a binary search. Then moved on to searching and sorting algorithms.
  • He asked me about the different sorting algorithms and asked me to explain Bubble sort and Merge Sort, and their time complexities. 
  • Then asked me how binary search works, and the 2 ways to calculate mid.
  • Then he gave a puzzle: I couldn’t answer it.
  • Then he asked me about few questions on OOPs with real-life examples, and about operation overloading

Round 4 (HM Round): 30 mins: Started with each other’s introduction, and a casual talk.

  • He asked me a few questions from my resume regarding my projects, hackathons, CTFs, Coding Contests, and The technical club that I’m a part of. 
  • Then he asked me about B+ trees (couldn’t answer).
  • Then he asked me the various factors I should consider before releasing one of my apps as a product. 
  • He asked some more HR questions and asked if I have any questions for him.

3 were selected, and I was one among them.

Verdict: Selected

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