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Cloud Computing Planning

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Prerequisite : Cloud Computing

Cloud is considered the most cheapest, easy-to-use technology and suitable option for almost every business today. It fixes the constant need to upgrade physical data storage solutions which is not only hectic but also expensive. So, starting from small size organizations to large size organizations now planning to go for the implementation of cloud computing system in their organization. But before going for cloud computing, it needs a clear planning regarding the pre stage requirements and post stage impacts on the organization. But there present some factors which needs to be considered by every individual organization before investing in cloud  technology. Those are

  1. Availability –
    Check for easy availability of the organization’s data and resources which is stored or needs to be accessed.
  2. Compliance –
    Check for any legality issues, discrimination or restriction for a particular type of data to be stored.
  3. Compatibility –
    Check for own organization’s infrastructure compatibility before investing in cloud technology.
  4. Monitoring –
    Check for proper monitoring of data is possible or not after investing in cloud technology.

Factors To Be Considered Before Planning :

  • Data Security & Privacy Requirements
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud type
  • Data Backup Requirements
  • Data Export Requirement
  • Finance requirement
  • Dashboard and Reporting Requirements
  • Client access requirements/facility
  • Training Requirement
  • Dashboard and reporting requirements

Phases of cloud computing planning :
Cloud computing planning majorly comprises three phases i.e.

1. Strategy Phase :
 In this phase we try to find out the kind of experience the customer would have and the problems that might be faced by them. This analysis is done in two steps-

(1) Cloud Computing Value Proposition –
In this step we analyze the requirements and the problems they want to be solved. These mostly comprise of 

  • Simplifying IT management
  • Minimizing maintenance expense
  • Low-priced outsourcing for hosting
  • Innovation of business model
  • High Quality of Service (QOS)

(2) Cloud Computing Strategy Planning –
After analyzing the Value Proposition, a strategy document is designed that includes the problems that a customer might face while applying cloud computing.

2. Planning Phase : 
In the planning phase the problems and risks encountered on deploying cloud computing are analyzed to give them an optimal and hassle-free experience and whether it meets their expectations. It involves the following steps i.e.

  • Development of Business Plan
  • Development of IT architectures
  • QOS development requirements
  • Designing the Transformation Plan

3. Deployment Phase :
Deployment phase is the final phase, and it consists of two steps i.e.

  • Picking a cloud computing provider – 
    This selection is done based on the SLA or Service Level Agreement which consists of the service provider will provide.
  • Maintenance and technical service –
    The provider must ensure proper maintenance of the services by providing best QOS.
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Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021
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