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Classification of Top Down Parsers

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2022
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Parsing is classified into two categories, i.e. Top-Down Parsing, and Bottom-Up Parsing. Top-Down Parsing is based on Left Most Derivation whereas Bottom-Up Parsing is dependent on Reverse Right Most Derivation. 

The process of constructing the parse tree which starts from the root and goes down to the leaf is Top-Down Parsing. 

  1. Top-Down Parsers constructs from the Grammar which is free from ambiguity and left recursion.
  2. Top-Down Parsers uses leftmost derivation to construct a parse tree.
  3. It does not allow Grammar With Common Prefixes.

Classification of Top-Down Parsing – 

1. With Backtracking: Brute Force Technique

2. Without Backtracking: 

  1. Recursive Descent Parsing
  2. Predictive Parsing or Non-Recursive Parsing or LL(1) Parsing or Table Driver Parsing

Recursive Descent Parsing – 

  1. Whenever a Non-terminal spend the first time then go with the first alternative and compare it with the given I/P String
  2. If matching doesn’t occur then go with the second alternative and compare with the given I/P String.
  3. If matching is not found again then go with the alternative and so on.
  4. Moreover, If matching occurs for at least one alternative, then the I/P string is parsed successfully.

LL(1) or Table Driver or Predictive Parser – 

  1. In LL1, first L stands for Left to Right and second L stands for Left-most Derivation. 1 stands for a number of Look Ahead tokens used by parser while parsing a sentence.
  2. LL(1) parsing is constructed from the grammar which is free from left recursion, common prefix, and ambiguity.
  3. LL(1) parser depends on 1 look ahead symbol to predict the production to expand the parse tree.
  4. This parser is Non-Recursive.
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