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Citrix Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus) 2021

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  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2022
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Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium

Date – 20/09/2021

Round 1 – 45 mins:

  • Introduction       
  • Discussion about projects       
  • Create a class of students (Variables and also Methods)       
  • What is a constructor?       
  • Why use a constructor?       
  • What will happen when we don’t declare the constructor?       
    I said the compiler will provide a default constructor       
  • Then he asked – what is present in the default constructor?       
  • I wrote the whole code for it and also I declared some variables for the student class       
  • So he asked what is the size of the constructor after creating an object i.e. after allocating the memory       
  • How will you create a linked list of objects? – Code for the same       
  • Do you know about static functions? What is its use of it?       
  • He asked how good are you at Computer Networks – I said I’m not good        
    Then he said okay I will ask questions in CN. I want to check how bad are you!       
  • What happens when we search for any website? How does the search engine know which website to open?       
  • RAM is 1GB and you have a blue-ray disk of 8 GB. If you have to watch a movie then how can you watch it in that 1 GB RAM?       
  • Any questions for me?       
    Overall experience was so good! The interviewer was quite chill       
    It was more discussion than one-way questions       

Round 2- 30 mins  (Managerial Round)  

  • Introduction       
  • Detailed discussion on my projects – pseudo code for the same.      
  • Detailed discussion on all the things in my resume along with volunteering experience. Be prepared with your resume well!       
  • Why did you choose computer engineering?      
  • Why Citrix?       
  • Any questions for me?       

Verdict: Selected!

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