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Citicorp Interview | On Campus for Internship

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  • Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2018
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Citicorp Pune,   visited our campus to recently to offer summer internships at Pune. Branches considered were Comp, IT, Entc. There was a PPT given by company followed by announcement of shortlisted candidates and immediately followed by the interview rounds.

Online Aptitude Test: 

The test was a day prior to the Interviews. The online test was divided into 5 parts, Technical, General Aptitude, Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning and Coding(2 questions in 60 mins). The time for each section was fixed and separate. The Technical round MCQs consisted of questions regarding coding I/O, OOPs etc, the Quantitative section had MCQs regarding profit/loss, probability, statistics etc. The Aptitude and Verbal section were relatively easier. It was mandatory to attempt a question to go to the next one, and once attempted, it was not possible to review the question again. As for the Coding round, luck played an important role. Some students got easy questions while others received hard ones. Some of the coding question were String Manipulations, Array Manipulations(transpose etc.), Bit Manipulation(gray code sequence), Backtracking (Rat and cheese problem), frequency sorting(STL not allowed), finding a specific sub-tree in the main tree etc. Out of some 300 students who appeared, 65 were selected for the interview round.

Shortlisting Criteria: 

There is no specific defined shortlisting criteria . But every section is important, some people get through only on the basis of the first 4 sections even if they do average in coding they could get selected.

Interview Experience:

Round 1: 

Technical Round, Resume was the topic of discussion almost till the end, you should have a deep knowledge of what you have written in your resume. Some technical questions on basic data structures like array, strings etc were asked to code on paper (Level was moderate).

After this round some were called for the second Tech round and some were directly selected for the HR round including me.

HR Round:

25 people were selected for this round. It was kind of a Techno-HR round .They went through my resume and meanwhile asked me to give my introduction. After that they asked me to explain my projects. Asked me what was the purpose of my project, how was it helpful for me to learn something new. I was given a situation and asked  to give a solution using data structures of my choice and they were friendly and helped me to optimize my approach . Interviewer was satisfied with my approach then asked a puzzle (How to cut a cake in 3 identical parts using only 2 cuts) It was pretty easy. Then I was asked if I had any questions and then I was asked to wait outside . This round went for around 30 min .

At the end of the day results were declared and 11 people were finally offered the internship including me . I am very thankful to GeeksForGeeks for such useful resources from where I prepared and got selected.

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