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Citicorp Interview Experience for Internship | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2020
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Citicorp visited our campus for hiring summer interns for 2021 in around mid of September. There was ppt followed by an online test which was eventually followed by interviews. Also, there was no branch restriction i.e., all branches were allowed.

Round 1 (Online Assessment): This was a rigorous test that lasted for more than 2 hours. It tested the overall personality and skills of the students. There were around 5 sections which were like TECHNICAL, which included questions on data structures and algorithms, time complexity, bipartite graph, OOPs, input-output-based questions, sorting, hashing, etc. GENERAL APTITUDE, which included questions from aptitude like permutations and combinations, probability, trains, problems on ages, profit, loss problems, LCM HCF, etc. QUANTITIVE APTITUDE, which included questions from aptitude and logical reasoning. VERBAL Reasoning which tested your verbal skills and consisted of questions like antonyms, synonyms, preposition, paragraphs, etc. CODING, which included 2 coding questions to be done in 60 min. Each section was time bounded and once attempted, we cannot go to the previous section or question. For the first section i.e. technical, keep your basic concepts of DSA as well as OOPs strong, for aptitude, practicing questions from India Bix is sufficient. Also, for the coding section, questions were shuffled, nobody got the same set of questions. Some questions were:

  • Frequency sorting
  • Rat-Maze Problem with some modifications (standard Backtracking)
  • Gray-code sequence
  • Pattern-based questions
  • String -Array Manipulations

STL’s were not allowed and also coding languages available were C, C++, Java. Python was not allowed.

Keep your patience throughout the assessment. If you have done more than 1.5 coding questions and done the rest of the sections well, there is a high chance that you will get shortlisted. Around 30 people were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 2 (Interview Technical): You should have a thorough knowledge of what you have mentioned in your resume. Mostly the questions were based on the topics, I mentioned in my resume. I was asked about normalization and various forms of it. Also, I was asked to write certain  SQL queries based on problem statements. Then the interviewer made some modifications to the problem statement and asked me to code the query. Then I was asked to code a coding question, which was to find the duplicate element. And he also asked me about my projects. 

Always have an optimistic attitude while giving an interview. Along with your technical skills, they also look for your confidence and communication skills. Always explain your approach before jumping onto a problem. Wear a smile always.

Round 3 (HR): I was from a non- tech branch, so the first thing, he asked me as to why I want to take up a job in the software sector. Also, how am I planning further to expand my knowledge in this field? Always be honest while giving the answers because if you give a made-up answer, he will instantly know. Be confident, wear a smile, show your optimistic approach, and you will definitely make it. Then there were some standard questions like why Citi, where do you see yourself in this tech field after some years. 

Verdict :


4 people from our institute were selected for the internship including me.

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