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Citicorp Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2020
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Citicorp visited our campus to hire Pre-Final year students for the internship role.

  • Courses Allowed: B.Tech all Branches.
  • Eligibility: 6.0 CGPA and above
  • Intern Designation: Summer Analyst
  • Intern Location: Pune

Round 1 (Online Test): It was conducted on the AMCAT Platform and the time duration was 3 hours. It has 5 sections consisting of quantitative aptitude, reasoning (logical ability), English (verbal ability), and computer science subjects (C, C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, OS, Networks, etc.). And 2 coding questions.

Going through this topic is enough for them

Coding Question:

  1. Write an algorithm to implement GCD of the given numbers.

  2. Write an algorithm to obtain the maximum number of calls required for this special function to obtain a list that is sorted in ascending order.


    5 1 3 11



    A simple factorial approach is an answer. You just need to get the factorial and for repetition divide it by the repetition factorial.

36 Students were selected in the first round.

Technical Round: It was also done virtually on a platform by aspiring minds. He directly started with technical questions.

  1. Morris traversal. He didn’t ask it directly. He said to traverse a tree without using data structures or recursion.
  2. As I mentioned Machine Learning in areas of interest. He asked me about KNN Algorithm.
  3. He asked me about which algorithm does phone face Recognition uses? I couldn’t answer this.
  4. He asked me about web scraping and automation testing. These were mentioned in my CV. So do think twice before you mention anything on the CV.

12 Students were selected in the second round

HR Round: It was also done virtually on a platform by aspiring minds

HR skipped my name. And I need to wait for 1.30 hrs for my interview. It was scheduled at 1 but happened at 2.30. The HR round is also fully based on your CV. How you express it. You haven’t mentioned any fake things. So learn in deep whatever you mentioned in the CV. And the same he saw ML on my Interest section. He asked me questions on them. He asked me to explain my project. The first 10 min was the same as the technical round. Everything about your DS ALGO skills but yes only basics. Then rest was your communication skills.  

  • Why Citi ?
  • Any team project you have done?
  • Why do you think you can fit here in Citi?

This round of nearly 25-30 minutes. The interviewer was happy with my answers and said he will try if possible to keep me in his team to work as he also had a great interest in machine learning. 

Verdict: Selected

Out of 12, 4 were selected and offer an internship role in Citicorp. And really branch doesn’t matter they see your skills how broad you can think. 2 non-tech branch students were also offered an internship role. So the branch doesn’t matter your knowledge and coding skills matter.

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