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CitiCorp Internship Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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Online Round:

  1. C/C++ basics 20 questions for 25 minutes. Questions like print the output of the given program, what is a bipartite tree, the time complexity of the given program, etc. 
  2. Logical Reasoning 18 questions for 18 minutes. Questions on ages, time and work, LCM HCF, profit and loss, etc. 
  3. General Aptitude 14 questions for 14 minutes. Statement type questions that are given some information we had to conclude how many statements were true, symbol problems, family related problems, etc. 
  4. English Proficiency 25 questions for 21 minutes. Questions like give the synonym/antonym of a word, given a paragraph answer the following questions, fill in the blanks with a correct preposition, etc. 
  5. Coding skills 2 questions for 60 minutes. Everyone who gave the test didn’t have the same set of questions, I got a question of recursion and other of mapping and I couldn’t solve both of them completely, I missed few test cases in both the problems but trying both the problems increased my score compared to those students who tried doing a single question completely. 

Technical Interview Round (approx. 25 minutes): My interview was conducted on Smart meet platform of Aspiring Mind (due to COVID situation). When I entered the room I was asked how was I feeling, usually, this is a way to start the conversation for interviewer so always try creating a likable impression by this question itself, my answer was “excited and nervous”(enthusiastically said) and then he asked me to introduce myself while he had a look at my Resume and then asked me the full form of CGPA, then about 12-15 minutes of the interview was spent on discussion of my summer internship and projects, this is a part you should be well-prepared for because here the interviewer is on the receiving end and you get to showcase your knowledge. My resume reflects that I have a web development background, so he asked me what happens when we type in a web browser. He was expecting an answer in terms of page cycle here and at last, he asked me to print “Hello World!” in C++, at first I thought why this question but then I noticed he wrote “word” and not “world” because he didn’t want to check my coding skills that were done in round 1, he wanted to check my attentiveness. Other friends of mine were also asked some puzzles during their interview. In the end, he asked if I had some questions for him. I recommend always ask questions when given a chance it makes the interviewer think you are really interested in the offer. 

HR Round (approx. 20 minutes): The HR started with the question of why CITI and what I expect from the company then he asked me what is my favorite code I had ever written and based on my answer he asked me the real-world implementation of that code. Then he asked me about my take on startups and would I like to work for one, now this is a tricky question but my suggestion is always to answer truthfully because if we try to make it up they usually know. Then he asked me about my team projects and how did I handle any disputes among the team and at last he asked if I had some questions for him. Always do some research on HR of a company mostly you can find them on LinkedIn so that you can ask them more personalized questions like for example about their experience working on some particular project or their journey in the company etc. 

After clearing all the above rounds, I got selected for an internship at Citicorp Pune. 7 people from my college were offered this internship.

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