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CitiBank Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)

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Citi visited our campus on 12th August 2020 for the position of Technology Analyst at Pune/Chennai Location. There were 3 rounds for selection in the company. The CGPA cutoff was 6 and all the branches were allowed to apply for the test. Around 800-1000 students gave the first round -online test.

Round 1 (Online Test): The first round was an online test conducted on Amcat which was composed of 4 sections which had to be solved in a duration of 1hr 55 min. Overall there were 55 MCQs and 2coding questions.

  • Section 1: There were 14 logical reasoning MCQs which had to be solved in 14 minutes.  The section was easy and consisted of questions based on figures, directions, calendars, blood relations, directions, clocks, etc.
  • Section 2: There were 16 Quantitative aptitude MCQs (Maths based) which had to be solved in 16 minutes. The section was easy and consisted of maths questions based on simple and compound interest, investments, profit and loss, probability, permutations, mixtures, and number systems.
  • Section 3: There were 25 Technical aptitude questions that had to be solved in 25 minutes. The questions were from all technical subjects including OS, DBMS, Data structures, time complexity, C/Java output based.
  • Section 4: This section had to be solved in 60 minutes and consisted of 2 coding questions. The questions were easy to medium. One question was based on trees and the other was based on a simple sliding window technique in arrays.

Tips: Try to solve maximum MCQs correctly and at least 1 coding question correctly.

After the first round, 90 students including me were shortlisted for the next round which was an interview round.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): This round was a technical interview round. There were 2 interviewers. The interviewer asked me to give a brief introduction about myself. I started my introduction by telling most of the things that were written on my CV. Then she asked me the following questions:

  1. What are Data structures, classify them with examples.
  2. What is an array? What is a Linked list? Differentiate between both of them.
  3. What is SQL used for? What is MongoDB? How do you retrieve data in Mongo?
  4. Is MongoDB better than SQL, if yes then why? If no then why?
  5. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  6. Write an SQL query to find the second highest salary in the database
  7. Write an SQL query to list the top 10 records from the database.
  8. Which frameworks have you used in JavaScript?
  9. How do you make an API call? What are some methods used in the API call?
  10. What is the difference between getting and POST? What is the difference between PUT and POST?
  11. What is exception handling?

Tips:- Be thorough with your resume.

After this round, 33 students including me were shortlisted for the next round which was an HR round.

Round 3 (HR round): In this round, the interviewer asked me some common HR questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to join Citibank?
  3. What motivates you to be in this software industry and what do you look up to when you join any company?
  4. Will you leave Citibank if you get an offer from another company which pays you more salary?
  5. What are some ethics and values that you must keep in mind while you are working for a bank?
  6. Do you have any location preferences?

Tips: Be diplomatic in your answers and try to make them feel that you really want to join their company.

Finally, the company selected 25 students from the campus. However, I could not make it to the final list because of the last round.

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Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2020
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