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Cisco Interview Experience – Fresher Role (CX-MS)

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Cisco came to our campus to recruit for 3 Business Units. CX-MS. CX-PS/MS, Engg

First Round: 1hr 30 min

Q1: Given an expression which contains numbers and operators, we need to find the maximum value which can be obtained by evaluating this expression by different parenthesization.

Something similar to this:/

Input : expr = “1+2*3+4*5” (Input can include “-“, “/” also)
Output : Maximum Value = 105
Maximum evaluated value = (1 + 2)*(3 + 4)*5 = 105

Q2: Length of the longest substring without repeating characters

Similar to this:

Given a string str, find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters.

For “ABDEFGABEF”, the longest substring is “BDEFGA” and “DEFGAB”, with length 6.
For “BBBB” the longest substring is “B”, with length 1.
For “GEEKSFORGEEKS”, there are two longest substrings shown in the below diagrams, with length 7

There were also ~15 MCQs from DSA, Electrical Circuits, Aptitude
1000 Members Attended the round, 95 ShortListed for Second Round
Around 30 for each Business Unit were shortlisted
They put us in 3 groups, (IDK on which criterion) – CX-MS, CX-PS/MS, Engg
Second, Third Rounds: Interviews(Tech, Manager, behavioral)

Second Round: 1 Interviewer

Third Round: 3 Interviewers

Technically they asked regarding my Resume. They asked technically specific to my Internship and my projects. Be well versed with your resume and try to give answers to situational questions based on your resume.
I was mostly spared from technical due to my CGPA(9.65). Answer very intelligently to impress the interviewer.

Manager asked situational questions like
1 – What would you do when someone you know is knowingly underperforming
2 – What would you do when some part of the team is missing on a shift
More situational questions like what was your biggest disappointment and what did you do to deal with it.

They Mostly enquired about whether I was ok with Night Shifts and would my parents be OK with it and stuff.
20min each

They explained to me about the role and asked me for questions.

After the second round, 11 of us were shortlisted(only for our Business Unit).
After the third round, 6 of us were shortlisted.
Fourth Round: HR Interview
5 min – Asked about relocation, Masters, etc

4 of us got the position,
Lucky to get the Offer for Fulltime + Intern (CX-MS) 🙂
Never Give up, you never know what’s around.

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Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2019
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