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Cisco Interview Experience – Engineering Role

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The first round was technical apti + 2 dp problems.
The technical apti includes finance, probablity, c, os, dbms.

Round 1:
1) Since I have mentioned two projects developed using python in my resume, they started the questions towards python.
Why need of python?
• Why I choose python for networking while other languages like java supports?
• Are there any advantages of using python over C++ in terms of object oriented?

2) Asked about questions from my internship project. I have mentioned YAML Parser as one of the project, they asked how do you handle the corner cases and what are all the errors I have been aware of?

3) Asked some questions in data structure and asked me to write code
Reverse a linked list without any data structure and changing the links.
Level order traversal of a tree
K-th largest element using BST

4) Asked a general puzzle, where I’ll be given weight balancing machine and 8 stones, out of all the stones, one will be of weight less than all other stones. How will you find the stone with min number of attempts?( 2 attempts ).

5) Asked about some basic object-oriented concepts

Round 2:
This round is fully about AWS, which I have mentioned in project
? Which region is best for deploying applications?
? Why I use Cognito for user identification?
? What I choose AWS over other cloud platforms provided by MS or google?
? What is VPC?
? How to connect EC2 instance with CLI?
? How Dynamo DB is different from other sql or no sql dB’s?
? What is the use of S3 and asked about the situations of where to use s3 and s3 glacier?
? When trying to initiate SSH connection but it fails. What are all the possible reasons for failure.
? If my application hosted in EC2 is down. How can I resolve that?

(snapshot method)

Round 3:
This round is manager round.
• If there’s an existing solution suggested by head or someone higher than me and there are other 2 solutions which is better according to me. But the problem here is, for the first case I would be accountable only for the implementation part not for the soln part. But for the other 3 solns I’ll accountable for both idea and implementation. Which will I choose?
(I answered this question in a way that I’m not scared of taking responsibilities)

• There is soft copy of some book, he gave print and then went to have coffee, But when he returns he found some page to be missing. What is the best way to find the missing page and assume that pages are in unsorted order?

• There is a 4 cross road and they were getting stuck due to the heavy traffic. How will you clear this situation? (Think it is in OS deadlock way, use bankers algo kind of thing to derive safe sequence).

• If I have allocated the memory of array with capacity of ten and returned the address of first value to me. How to detect the value 10 which is allocated?
(Since it’s contiguous memory I said on incrementing addresses after certain point, the order won’t be maintained BUT It’s Wrong )

Round 4: Asked some basic HR questions.

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Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2019
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