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Cisco Ideathon Interview Experience for SDE 2022

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  • Last Updated : 16 Aug, 2022
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About Cisco:
Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. We believe in the power of technology and what it makes possible for our communities, businesses, and governments around the world. Cisco Systems, a technology company based in America, which operates internationally, is best known for being the top networking company. It is one of the largest corporations in the world. Cisco was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in San Jose, California. 
Cisco is also known for its amazing work culture, it has been named #1 on the world’s best workplaces list by Great Places to Work and Fortune Magazine for the second time.

About Ideathon:
The Cisco Ideathon is an opportunity for students with potential and creativity to be a part of Cisco’s technological innovations. It presents a competitive model to showcase original thinking and problem-solving aptitude using technologies like 5G, the Internet of Things, networking infrastructure, and collaboration to address global issues related to education, healthcare, water conservation, environment, and sustainability. The program enables qualifiers of Ideathon to get an internship with full-time placement opportunities.

  • Eligibility (2022)
  • Must be a Netcad Student.
  • Students must have completed either of the following courses: 
  • Networking Essentials OR CCNA Module 1
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity+ Cybersecurity Essentials OR Cyber ops
  • Python OR DevNet
  • Cutoff CGPA (highest degree):- 7 and above

Ideathon journey: Registrations were started in June 2022, before registrations we completed courses required for eligibility. From June to July Cisco CyberOps training was given to us by cisco and it lasted for a month.
After that links were received to every eligible candidate for the first assessment.

First Assessment was having 3 sections.

  • Aptitude and reasoning 
  • Networking-based questions
  • Programming

Advanced Coding: I selected advanced coding rather than advanced networking

Aptitude: This section included 10 questions and they were easy to medium and the time limit was 20 mins.

Networking: From this section sectional time was removed and a timer of 1 hour 10 mins started. Questions were not easy and they were more scenario-based questions like two situations were given and we have to select the proper option for it. This section requires networking basics to be revised well.

Programming: This section had one coding question based on DP.

Advanced Coding: This included one medium-level coding question.

Note: This was a major elimination round.

After that qualified candidates got a mail regarding the problem statement, there were two problem statements on which we had to provide a solution and make ppt presentation. 2-3 days were given to us for this thing.

After PPT submissions almost everyone got mail for interviews few were rejected. The interview consisted of three rounds (All three were elimination rounds)

  1. Technical round
  2. Managerial round
  3. HR round

Note: Interviews depend mostly on which role one is interviewed for. Interview experience for Software Engineer role

Technical Interview: Two panelists were there with 5-6 years of experience. It started with asking how is whether and how are you doing first they will comfort you. 

  1. Explain to us ppt – the PPT discussion which was submitted during 2nd round
  2. From where did the idea come into your mind
  3. Why do you prefer this tech stack
  4. Tell me the protocols of commands that you used in your idea
  5. What will you do if a nontechnical user uses your tool
  6. Some limitations he discussed with me
  7. In several situations where my tool will fail
  8. Practical scenario-based questions on my idea
  9. Future scope and many more I remembered only these.

PPT discussion lasted around 10-15 mins. So be prepared with every aspect of your idea. Project discussion (15-20 mins) I have mentioned 3 projects in my resume they grilled me on all of them.
Some general questions on all three because 3 of them were on diff tech.

  1. Explanation of project.
  2. Why u used this tech stack
  3. What was idea behind making this project?
  4. Some questions on react because I have used it in my two projects
  5. What is api, how many api you made in your project
  6. What your api’s do 
  7. In which format data is being stored in database
  8. In which format data is being accessed from DB
  9. Which protocols are being used to fetch data HTTP or HTTPS
  10. What are the security aspects of your project
  11. How mongo DB is being mapped with your project
  12. How TCP connection is being made
  13. What do u think does TCP connection should be disconnected after sending one packet or the connection should be maintained?
  14. What happens when you search any URL on the internet
  15. Some questions about my internship experience.
  16. What libraries u have used in your projects, tell me some functions that you used from that library  and many more
  17. There were more questions on my projects so prepare your project deep down, you should know everything 
  18. In which language you are comfortable, I said java
  19. What is the difference between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder
  20. Tell me the use case of the above difference
  21. What are scheduling algorithms in OS explain any one of them
  22. How can we search a node in the tree
  23. A scenario-based question in which I have to use BFS or DFS according to the situation and why
  24. Question on Linked List
  25. 2 Coding questions
  26. Detect a loop in the linked list and remove it
  27. 1 to n numbers series is there and 1 number is missing find the no.
  28. Time complexity and space complexity were discussed for both questions 
  29. Do you have any questions for us?

They sounded satisfied and the list came out for the next round.

Managerial Round:

  1. Two managers with around 20 years of experience came
  2. They were very polite 
  3. It was started with We have 30 minutes we will try to know each other, they introduced themselves and then asked for my intro
  4. They asked me to explain my projects
  5. Why u made this project
  6. What problems do you face?
  7. Have you worked in a team?
  8. Did college give u this project or you did do it yourself
  9. Have you worked on emerging technologies like cyber sec, cloud, etc
  10. Few questions on the project
  11. What you do apart from technical
  12. What do you like the most in cooking
  13. Do you have any questions for us
  14. It lasted for 20 minutes only and they were satisfied.

HR Round:

  1. It started with intro 
  2. Relocating which city ?
  3. What you know about cisco
  4. Some latest news regarding cisco
  5. Explain your project
  6. What have you done in your internship
  7. Is this your first professional interview
  8. Where do you see yourself in next 2-3 years
  9. Do you have any further study plans
  10. He explained about my role, working days, about offer, and necessary things.
  11. Do you have any questions
  12. It also lasted for 15-20 minutes
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