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Challenges in World Of IoT

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2022
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The Internet Of Things has been facing many areas like Information Technology, Healthcare, Data Analytics and Agriculture.The main focus is on protecting privacy as it is the primary reason for other challenges including government participation. Integrated effort from the government, civil society and private sectors would play a vital role in protecting the following values given below in to prevent IoT from getting hampered:

Billions of internet-enabled devices get connected in a huge network, large volumes of data are needed to be processed. The system that stores, analyses the data from these IoT devices needs to be scalable. In present, the era of IoT evolution everyday objects are connected with each other via Internet. The raw data obtained from these devices need big data analytics and cloud storage for interpretation of useful data.

Technological standards in most areas are still fragmented. These technologies need to be converged. Which would help us in establishing a common framework and the standard for the IoT devices. As the standardization process is still lacking, interoperability of IoT with legacy devices should be considered critical. This lack of interoperability is preventing us to move towards the vision of truly connected everyday interoperable smart objects.

Lack of government support:
Government and Regulatory bodies like FDA should come up and bring up regulations by setting up a standard committee for safety and security of devices and people.

Safety Of Patients:
Most Of IoT devices are left unattended, as they are connected with real-world objects. If used on patients as wearable devices, any technical error in security can be life-threatening for patient.

Security And Personal Privacy:
There has been no research in security vulnerabilities and its improvements. It should ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of personal data of patient.

Design Based Challenge:
With the development in technology design challenges are increasing at a faster rate. There have been issues regarding design like limited computation power, limited energy and limited memory which need to be sorted out.

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