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Cerner Interview Experience (Off-Campus) for the role of Software Engineer

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Round 1: Versant Test

The test constituted of 8 sections to test basic English communication skills (Sample test : Each section contained varying number of questions ranging from  10-16, including English speaking in the microphone, attention to detail, hearing skill, grammar test, punctuation test, fill in the blanks test etc. Only if one clears a minimum cut-off based on the number of participants and a minimum score, one can proceed to the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview-1

The interviewer introduced herself and gave a brief on the company. I had told my major skill as C++ to the interviewer, so she started off asking about basic OOPS concepts.

What is encapsulation? How do you achieve it?

What are virtual Functions? Explain it with a code.

Finding bugs in the code.(Examples were from c++ and java) .

Swapping 2 number without using extra space.

Extensive discussion on my internship and projects . She also asked me to draw full workflow chart of the work that i did in my internship.


Round 3: Technical Interview- 2

The interviewer introduced himself and started off with questions from data structures.

Some questions on linked list.

What is STL? How can you define a template in c++?

What is multiple inheritance and how do you achieve it?

What is malloc, calloc etc?

Explain about the different Sorting algorithms.

Given a string of strings, print the number of palindromes present, write a code using any language of your choice.


Round 4: HR Interview

The interviewer introduced himself and asked me to do the same.

He asked me whether i can join from a week from the date of interview.

He asked me about my expectations and some basic things on my last semester project.

Then he wished me the best and asked me to meet the HR outside.

The HR outside took my feedback on a pad and asked me to leave.


After 3 days i received an email from the company.

End Result : Not Selected.

P.S. : I answered all the questions they asked me in the interview correctly and with confidence, but i guess there was no job requirement or something like that, as none of the candidates got selected who came that day for the particular position. So you never know what would happen in any given circumstances. The only Positive thing was the experience and hence i wanted to share it.

All the Best!

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Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2018
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