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CEDCOSS Interview Experience 2023

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2022
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Round 1 – Aptitude Round: Basic high-school level aptitude, 15 questions and all of them were easy to crack. Mathematics problems from Percentage, Profit Loss and Discount, Averages, and Simplification were asked and the time allotted to solve them was also 15 minutes. It took me 9 minutes to solve all of them.

Round 2 – HR cum Technical Interview: There were technical questions from the programming language of your choice. I chose Python and interviewer came up with cliché questions related to Python such as:

  • Negative Indexing
  • Lambda Expression
  • Decorator
  • Docstring in Python
  • Namespace

HR asked me questions related to my background, hobbies, expertise, and if I am comfortable relocating. The round was not long in duration. I was done with it in 15 minutes and that too considering both the HR and Technical round.

Platform Used: Google Meet

Round 3 – Technical Round:The round was conducted on an assessment platform and the test was online proctored. Questions asked were as follows

  • Reverse words in a string (String)
  • Pick the values greedily based on condition (Greedy)
  • First n Prime Numbers

After the assessment, I got a google meet link and I had to answer the following questions and I was asked to explain the logic. Core questions from Operating System and DBMS were asked.

  • Find nth largest number (I explained not the most optimal Bruteforce approach but the best way is Heap)
  • Count the number of occurrences of alphabets in the string (Which can be solved using the Hashmap approach).
  • Longest Palindromic Substring (explained correct logic using the Two Pointer technique)
  • Deadlock in Operating System.
  • Foreign Key in Database

Round 4 -Walk–In Machine Round: After three days of the third round, I was asked to come to the Gomti Nagar Office of Cedcoss, As soon as I reached, I was assigned login credentials and told to solve questions on the online platform provided by them.
This round has questions from the Learnys training held before the Infosys exam. The two questions I got were:

  • Longest Repeating Character Replacement
  • Merge Interval

Tip: Solving GeeksforGeeks before walking in can be helpful!

Round 5- In-Person Interview: In this interview, I was asked

  • Linked List Reversal (Told me to draw data structure on Paper and explain)
  • Quick Sort (Took me 4-5 minute to write and explain to sir)
  • 5 Minute Discussion on Object Oriented Programming Concepts (Very Important)
  • Difference between Java and Python (Languages based on a resume will be asked)

After technical questions for 15-20 Minutes, I was asked questions about

  • About the Company
  • My ambitions
  • Why I am choosing CEDCOSS
  • If anyone told in my knowledge is working here
  • Why I needed this job
  • If I had any previous offers.
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