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Cavista Interview Experience (July 2022)

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2022
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I took a referral from a Cavista Employee, after which my resume was shared with the Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, who asked me some questions based on my resume and later on gave me the details about the whole interview process.

My whole process consists of 2 rounds:

  • One-way video Interview
  • Technical interview

One-way Video Interview: This round consists of 8-10 questions based on OOPs concepts. In this round, questions will be shown to you on the screen and you will be given some time to think after the timer goes off, you need to record your answer and submit it. Re-recording was not available for some of the questions. Some of the questions that were asked:

  • What is polymorphism?
  • Difference between Classes and Objects.
  • Can we create a static class, if yes, then how can we instantiate it?
  • More questions like this based on OOPS.

After submitting this round, I got the call, that I have been selected for the second round. They asked me for my availability, and I told them the date, in the same week they scheduled the 2nd round.

Technical Interview: This round was virtual, which happened on Microsoft Teams. All the interview panel members were quite friendly, and they introduced themselves to me (3 members took my interview). Then after the introduction, they shared with me a link to an online IDE, where I had to write a workable code.

Then they asked me about one DSA problem based on Strings, it was similar to this question Divide a String into a group of K size. I was able to code it, and after this, I have been asked some questions about OOPS and SQL. The whole process took, 40-45 mins, and the interview got over.

After 1 hour I got a call, and they told me I have been selected.

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