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Causes, Effects and Control of Deforestation

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2022
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Before going to know about deforestation and its causes we have to know about deforestation and the cause of deforestation. Deforestation is a negative concept on earth. The deforestation concept is regarding plant life. We have to know about the plants and why deforestation occurs these days.




Deforestation is the process of decreasing a group of plants which is called a forest. Deforested forests are used for mining purposes, cultivation land, or urbanization purpose. Deforestation negatively impacts the environment. Deforestation is related to plants in the forest.

Why plants are important for a forest?

Plants are very important for human beings to take a breath. Human beings are living because of oxygen that oxygen is generated by the plants around the environment. In our environment plants takes carbon dioxide as intake from the leaves and give output as oxygen. Because oxygen is essential for humans plants are important to humans.


  • Forest absorbs greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide for the life process of humans.
  • Forest adds water to the environment through the transpiration process.
  • Used for the slowdown of the flood water flow because of the continuous trees in the forest able to sink water.
  • Used for the mitigation of soil erosion because of the tree masses.
  • Different species in our daily life are from forests only.
  • Most of the oxygen came from the forest only.

Cause of Deforestation

Deforestation is caused by the following concepts. They are


Urbanization includes making roads in forests so that trees in the forest are cut down. If the population is more there is a chance of cutting down the trees more for the sake of building and road etc.,


Oil industries and power supplying industries make deforestation because the oil that comes from the earth needs to be cut down from the trees and also power supplying industries needs coal which came through the mining process. In this process, environmental pollution occurs.


In this illegal logging cutting the trees for the sake of wood, coal that comes to form the trees is used for buildings construction and somewhat used for coal to sell for the industries. This cause the forest like deforestation. Wood is used for paper and various accessories.

Livestock Ranching

People who live in forests need food for their living process. To live they used to cut down trees for growing food like grains, vegetables, etc., this makes the land lose its ability of afforestation.

Agricultural activities

Agricultural activities like overgrowing anywhere in the forest make the forest lose afforestation. People for the sake of food used forests to grow more and more without fertilizers.


Paper that came only from the selected trees. People want to grow those selected trees out of unwanted trees. So they cut down mostly unwanted trees and started planting wanted trees for the sake of papers, rubber, gums, etc., Because of the paper deforestation is happening.

Effects of Deforestation

Climate unbalance and climatic changes

Climate unbalances and climatic changes occur when forests are degraded. Plants are like lungs for the earth. The plant takes greenhouse gasses and releases oxygen and water vapor to make the environment moist. Plants also give shade to all living beings under the tree. If trees are degraded advantages because of plants are not perfectly done. That is why deforestation makes climatic unbalance and climatic changes.

Increasing greenhouse gasses 

Plants take carbon dioxide for human beings to take oxygen from the plants that are released during the photosynthesis process. If plants were cut by human beings for their daily needs greenhouse gasses are increasing rapidly and trees are mitigated. Because of this greenhouse gasses increase on the earth.

Global warming

Global warming means increasing the temperature of the earth because of unbalanced emission of gasses on the earth due to greenhouse gasses released by the different industries. If trees were there those gasses are absorbed by the plants else temperature increases because of the unwanted gasses.


Trees stores most of the water when there is heavy rain. If trees are cut for the wanted resources by the humans then water is flown to down areas causing floods to those areas.

Soil erosion

Plants have the ability to stop soil from being joined with river water and making them pollute. If plants were there may be a chance of soil protection with the help of plant stem. The stem of the plant has the capacity to stop erosion by the roots.

Acidic oceans

Due to the carbon dioxide in the air increasing rapidly oceans are becoming more acidic. Due to deforestation oceans are becoming acidic.


Plants are the main important for biodiversity. The tropical rainforest is the main for biodiversity. If plants will be there in the environment then animals and many living organisms live their life happily then only biodiversity sustains.


If plants are degraded food for the animals as well as a human being are also degraded easily. Plant prepares food with the help of the photosynthesis process. Plants prepared food is used by the animals like goats, goats are eaten by lions when lions dead that are eaten by the eagles, and then the whole process repeats by the degradation of the body of eagles acts as manure for the plants.

Controls of Deforestation

  • Educate People about afforestation.
  • Rules by the government about Afforestation.
  • Reduction of cutting of trees
  • Reduce the consumption of paper.

Conceptual Questions

Question 1: What is the major resource used by the humans from the forest? Explain. 


Wood is the major resource used by humans. Wood is used for the construction of houses, paper, some wooden bowls, etc., 

Question 2: In which nation deforestation is very high compared to other nations?


Honduras is the nation that is most affected by deforestation which is 40 percent of deforestation happens in that nation. 

Question 3. Differences between deforestation and afforestation?




Deforestation is like a forest with no trees. Afforestation is like a forest with having full of trees.
It causes a negative impact on the environment. It causes a positive impact on the environment.

Question 4. How many types of cutting for deforestation? What are they?


There are two types of cutting for deforestation. They are.

  • Selective cutting
  • Clear cutting

Question 5. Why trees are so important for the environment?. Explain.


Trees are most important for the environment. Trees produce food for every organism in the world. During photosynthesis, they produce carbohydrates and oxygen as by-products at the end of the process. By using this process plants are becoming the main producers and giving energy to the ecosystem. This is why trees are very important for the environment.

Question 6: In which forests does deforestation happen mostly?


Deforestation happens mostly in tropical forests. Tropical forests like deserts have a very less number of trees. This is why tropical forests have a large number of deforestation.

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