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Enumerations serve the purpose of representing a group of named constants in a programming language. For example, the 4 suits in a deck of playing… Read More
The scope resolution operator also known as Paamayim Nekudotayim or more commonly known as the double colon is a token that allows access to static,… Read More
Given an unsorted array arr[] having N elements, the task is to find out the median of the array in linear time complexity. Examples: Input:… Read More
To create a glowing text-shadow, we will use HTML to create the structure and CSS for the styling of the text. With the help of… Read More
There are many network designs and Internet of Things (IoT) models (devices) that are at work presently, but these lack either in terms of energy… Read More
1. Multiplexer : Multiplexer is a data selector which takes several inputs and gives a single output.In multiplexer we have 2n input lines and 1… Read More
1. Clustering : Database Clustering is the process of combining more than one servers or instances connecting to a single database. Sometimes one server may… Read More
Prerequisite – Job Control Language (JCL) In RDBMS, SQL JOIN clause is used to join tables and perform multiple operations on it. To perform operations… Read More
Express VPN and IPVanish VPN are very popular Virtual Private Network (VPN) that offers quality services for it’s customers. 1. Express VPN : ExpressVPN is… Read More
1. Banana Pi : Banana Pi is a single-board computer that is used to serve as a competitor of Raspberry Pi. It provides an open-source… Read More
Operation Security (OPSEC) is a process in which it is made sure that no information of an organization is revealed i.e., OPSEC is used to… Read More
Prerequisites: Classes and Objects in Java, Switch Case statement in Java Problem Statement: Write a program to build a simple application for the bus travelling… Read More
Java IO(Input/Output) is used to perform read and write operations. The package contains all the classes required for input and output operation. Whereas, Java… Read More
The fifth generation (5G) network is projected to support a huge amount of data traffic. It is meant to serve millions of wireless connections. With… Read More

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