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Category Archives: Node.js

The querystring.parse() method is used to parse a URL query string into an object that contains the key and pair values of the query URL.… Read More
The creator of Node js found there were many flaws in Node as can be shown in this video: He started the project called… Read More
Promise chaining: Promise chaining is a syntax that allows you to chain together multiple asynchronous tasks in a specific order. This is great for complex… Read More
The files present in a directory can be displayed using two approaches in Node.js that are discussed below: Method 1: Using fs.readdirSync() method: The fs.readdirSync()… Read More
The fs.opendirSync() method is used to synchronously open a directory in the file system. It returns an fs.Dir object that is used to represent the… Read More
The exists() function returns true if at least one document exists in the database that matches the given filter, and false otherwise. Installation of mongoose… Read More
The countDocuments() function is used to count the number of documents that match the filter in a database collection. Installation of mongoose module:  You can… Read More
The Open Weather Map API is very popular as it allows you to request weather forecasts and historical weather data programmatically.Feature of Open Weather Map… Read More
The fs.opendir() method is used to asynchronously open a directory in the file system. It creates an fs.Dir object that is used to represent the… Read More
The where() function is used to create a Query, applies the passed conditions and returns the Query. Installation of mongoose module: You can visit the… Read More
The timer modules in Node.js consists of functions that help to control the timings of code execution. It includes setTimeout(), setImmediate(), and setInterval() methods. 1.… Read More
The ability to read a file line by line allows us to read large files without entirely storing it to the memory. It is useful… Read More
Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server. Its features are solid transaction support, relations, eager and lazy… Read More
The query parameter is the variable whose value is passed in the URL in the form of key-value pair at the end of the URL… Read More
The native MongoDB driver for Node.JS is a dependency that allows our JavaScript application to interact with the NoSQL database, either locally or on the… Read More

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