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Category Archives: CSS

The box-sizing property in CSS defines how the user should calculate the total width and height of an element i.e padding and borders, are to… Read More
The margin-left property in CSS is used to set the width of the margin on the left of the desired element. Negative values of this… Read More
The word-wrap property in CSS is used to break long word and wrap into the next line. It defines whether to break words when the… Read More
User Interface (UI) defines the way humans interact with the information systems. In Layman’s term, User Interface (UI) is a series of pages, screens, buttons,… Read More
The element selector in CSS is used to select HTML elements which are required to be styled. In a selector declaration, there is the name… Read More
A Tooltip is used to provide interactive textual hints that gives the user an idea about the element when mouse pointer moves over. For Example,… Read More
The border-style CSS property is a shorthand property that sets the line style for all four sides of an element’s border. Note: The border-style property… Read More
The checked attribute in HTML is used to indicate whether an element should be checked when the page loads up. It is a Boolean attribute. Note:… Read More
The list-style property in CSS is used to set the list style. This property is a combination of three other properties, namely, list-style-type, list-style-position, and… Read More
The DOM documentMode property in HTML is an IE8 property that is used to detect the document mode used by the browser to render the… Read More
The list-style-image property in CSS is used to set the image that will be used as the list item marker. Syntax: list-style-image: none|url|initial|inherit; Property values:… Read More
The CSS object-fit property is used to specify how an image or video should be resized to fit its content box. This property specifies the… Read More
The rows attribute in HTML is used to specify the number of visible text lines for the control i.e the number of rows to display.Note:… Read More
The border-bottom-right-radius property in CSS is used to define the radius of the right bottom corner of the border of a given element. It is… Read More
The list-style-position property in CSS specifies the position of the marker box with respect to the principal block box. Syntax: list-style-position: outside|inside|initial|inherit; Property values: outside:… Read More

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