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There are countless healthcare-related opportunities in alternate realities. The terms Augmented Reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) are not just catchphrases in… Read More
Virtual Reality (VR) gaming technology has been making significant advancements in recent years, offering players a more immersive and interactive gaming experience. This article will… Read More
Visual Positioning System (VPS) is a technology that uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to determine the location and orientation of a device or… Read More
A clean-burning alternative fuel made from hydrogen gas is hydrogen fuel. It can be applied to many different things, including machineries like cars and generators.… Read More
The computer mouse is a widely-used input device that has become an essential tool for interacting with computers. The invention of the mouse has been… Read More
A black box is a flight recorder used in an aircraft to record various types of data about the flight, including cockpit conversations, radio transmissions,… Read More
Isaac Newton is best known for his works on Optics, Laws of Motion and Law of Universal Gravitation, which laid the foundation for modern physics.… Read More
Cell phones, also known as mobile phones, have become an essential part of daily life for billions of people around the world. These small, portable… Read More
Ice floats on water because it is less dense than liquid water. This is due to the fact that the water molecules in ice are… Read More
Global warming, defined as a gradual increase in the earth’s overall temperature caused by natural forces or human activities, has raised the average temperature by… Read More
What is Allelopathy? It is a sub-domain of chemical ecology that deals with the impact of hazardous chemicals (called allelochemicals or allelochemicals) released by some… Read More
On May 25, 1998, India’s Ministry of Earth Sciences established the National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) as an autonomous institution for research and… Read More
The term “Bioenergy” refers to energy and energy-related goods (such pellets) made from biomass. Organic material from plants and waste streams is known as biomass.… Read More
Many people are familiar with the idea of taking an anti-radiation pill in the event of a nuclear attack. But what are these pills? And… Read More
The PM-WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) is an aspirational program related to Wi-Fi networks was announced by the DoT (Department of Tele-Communications). The… Read More

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