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Parliamentary Committees are an essential component of the parliamentary form of governance in India. They provide valuable support to the legislature in the discharge of… Read More
India is a country that is filled with various cultures, breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and various traditions and customs. A place where you will find… Read More
While drafting the Government of India Act in 1935, there was a growing demand for constitutional reforms in India as well as the inclusion of… Read More
A federal government is a system of government where there is a division of power between the union government at the center and the local… Read More
In India, the realization of the importance of local bodies leads to two major constitutional provisions. The 73rd amendment provided a framework so as to… Read More
Power-sharing is defined as a political arrangement wherein powers are divided and shared among different organs of the government as well as among different levels… Read More
The legislative wing of a government is headed by the Parliament. It is the pivot of any democratic country, in it rests the interests of… Read More
‘Democracy’ is a type of government that is elected by the country’s people. This term has been derived from two Greek words – ‘Demos’ meaning… Read More
India is a nation known for its multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, and related diverse societies and groups. In the post-independent era till 1967, the Indian National… Read More
The term ‘freedom’ means absence from control. In the context of Article 19, it means the absence of control by the State. Articles 19(1)(a) to… Read More
The term ‘democracy’ was first used in the fifth century BC by Greek Historian Herodotus in the sense of ‘rule by the people’. This is… Read More
The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India holds one of the most pivotal offices in the country; the CAG controls the entire financial system… Read More
Local government bodies are established as third-tier institutions responsible for administering small areas and municipalities of a region. Such small areas may be classified as… Read More
The Union legislature of India is federal in structure, it is also known as ‘Sansad’. The concept of the union legislature of India has been… Read More
Social movements refer to group actions taken with an objective to challenge and change specific political or social situations. It requires continuous collective action by… Read More

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