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This article deals with one of the government scheme. This will give you the detail information about the scheme and help you in clearing all… Read More
The Indian judiciary is regarded as one of the strongest judiciaries in the entire world. The structure of the Indian judiciary is provided by the… Read More
In India, the term Panchayat refers to a system of rural self-government. It was established in all states of India by acts of state legislatures… Read More
Important Topics in Polity for UPSC: If you are preparing for the UPSC civil services exam, you would be aware that political science is an… Read More
We can define “Nyaya Panchayat” as the word “Panchayat” means a group of people in a village who enjoy respect from their community and have… Read More
Concept of Judicial Review:                 Judicial Review is the power of the judiciary to review any act or… Read More
Article 169: Abolition or creation of State legislative councils of India. In India, the State Legislature is the popularly elected representative body of the people… Read More
Background of Twenty-First Amendment Act, 1967: Twenty-First Amendment 1967 was enacted by Yashwantrao Chavan in Rajya Sabha on March 20, 1967, and then the Minister… Read More
After its independence, India went through different kinds of social, political, and economic turmoil and disturbances. The economy faced many challenges, agricultural development was lagging,… Read More
Since rights and obligations are correlated, Part IV-A of the Indian Constitution has given its citizens access to a number of essential obligations. Therefore, these… Read More
What is Bill?                    A bill is said to be a draft of legislation that can be… Read More
The PESA Act was formulated in the year 1996 by the Central Government for the people living in Scheduled areas. The Act has provisions for… Read More
Article 110 of the Indian Constitution defines a money bill. Money bills deal with money-related issues like taxation, government spending, etc. The bill is essential… Read More
According to the Representation of People Act, 1951, a candidate requires to deposit a certain sum of money as security to contest a Parliamentary or… Read More
For some years, the government and the general public have been paying close attention to administrative tribunals in India. Administrative Tribunals were established in India… Read More

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