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GST was introduced in India to waive off indirect taxes on all goods and services and introduce a single direct taxation system, which will lower… Read More
If you take a closer look at the economic growth of any nation, you’ll find that it is mainly driven by the investments made in… Read More
The Annapurna Scheme aims to fulfill the needs of Senior Citizens who, despite being eligible, have not received benefits under the National Old Age Pension… Read More
Even after 75 years of independence and celebrating Amrit Mahotsav, our beloved country is facing problems evident in the Vedic period. The discrimination among genders… Read More
The food processing industry (FPI) is among some of the most promising and profitable industries in India. In the last few decades, the FPI has… Read More
Everyone has to deal with persuasion tactics and tools persuasion daily. We may not realize it, but we see them every day in the workplace,… Read More
Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. Its scientific name is Panthera Tigris. The Bengal tiger is a striped animal with a thick… Read More
Almost every nation wants to push its economy and one of the most common ways to escalate any economy is industrial development. But any kind… Read More
Introduction to Ordinance: The word “Ordinance” is defined as a law promulgated by the State or Central Government without the approval of the Legislature. For… Read More
To be a successful business owner, you must adhere to the highest moral standards and follow the letter of the law in all areas of… Read More
In today’s society, it’s important to be tolerant and compassionate towards those that are perceived as weaker than us. Many people believe they have the… Read More
The human population is growing rapidly across the world and thus it’s quite important to keep a track of it. Thus the United Nations prepares… Read More
In 1947, India took its first step towards the dawn and rise of a new nation. India has had an incredible journey from the land… Read More
Samudrayaan program or Deep Ocean Mission is an Indian endeavor focusing on deep-ocean exploration in India’s exclusive economic zones and continental shelf. The program includes… Read More
In the budget of 2018-19 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy announced a new scheme for farmers of the country, named Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja… Read More

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