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Energy is a critical component of a country’s economic development. It is widely utilized in agricultural and allied fields such as the manufacturing and delivery… Read More
The value of the currency depreciates as inflation rises. This is why the RBI keeps track of money supply by categorizing it as ‘reserve money,’… Read More
Capitalist Economic System: The term “Capitalist Economy” refers to an economic system in which private people own and control the means of production, and economic… Read More
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das and Motilal Nehru founded the Swaraj Dal in January 1923 by resigning from Congress as they disliked the new program launched by… Read More
In the 1914s, World War I took place in most of the countries of Europe. After the victory of Britain, they started taking control of… Read More
During the East India Company Rule, a lineage of Charter Acts was passed and one of the important among them is the Charter act 1853.… Read More
During the British Rule, Bengal was one of the largest areas covering provinces with a huge population of 78 million. This wide expanding area was… Read More
The e-Governance or electronic governance means utilization of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to carry out the functions and achieve the results of the governance.… Read More
Education is a tool that empowers individuals in all aspects of their life. It widens his knowledge, skills, techniques, and his vision of the world.… Read More
The Vaikom Satyagraha in Travancore is today known as Kerala is the first anti-caste movement. This movement was against the caste system as the pupil… Read More
Rights are claims of an individual over the society, over other human beings, and the Government. Fundamental Rights which are guaranteed in part III of… Read More
India is a parliamentary democracy and Committee on Public Accounts is the oldest Financial Parliamentary Committee. The remaining two are the Committee on Public Undertakings… Read More
Every nation is developing at its own pace but its development benefits every citizen of a nation that’s the central question? If the progress and… Read More
Ecology has been a tool for the survival of humans on Earth. Julian Steward in his School of Culture Ecology explained the relationship and role… Read More
Salinity refers to the total content of dissolved materials in water bodies. It means the amount of salt dissolved in seawater. It is calculated as… Read More

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