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Environmental ethics is a field of study that seeks to understand humans’ moral obligations to protect and preserve the environment. It is a branch of… Read More
Morality is something that has been debated for centuries. It is a concept that is often difficult to define, and its meaning can vary from… Read More
The term Ethics can be defined as moral principles or values that govern the conduct of an individual or group. Ethics are standards of behaviour… Read More
Emotional intelligence or EQ refers to one’s ability to recognize, understand and manage the emotions of themselves, of others, and of groups. It covers abilities… Read More
Human values are the core values that make up our personality and define how we act in life. These values are very important as they… Read More
Public service as we all know is an organisation set up to work in the interest of community, nation and country, but did you know… Read More
Corporate governance, broadly, refers to the structures and processes through which corporations are directed and controlled and the relations among stakeholders of corporations. It includes… Read More
Empathy is an important trait in social and personal relationships, as well as business interactions and negotiations. Empathy stems from a person’s ability to put… Read More
Ethics in personal relationships can be difficult to navigate. Whether you’re currently in a relationship or considering entering one, it’s important to know what the… Read More
Ethics in human relations is an aspect of the study of ethics that deals with the way people interact or should interact with one another.… Read More
Ethical values help in resolving conflicts faced by an individual in his/her day-to-day functioning. For example, to maintain a healthy balance between work and family… Read More
“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding” – Mahatma Gandhi. The quote above speaks to the importance of understanding in our relationships, including… Read More
Ethical dilemmas are common in business and public institutions as many issues need to be dealt with daily, issues that can be complicated to solve.… Read More
The definition of corruption varies according to context, but always involves an abuse of power. The abuse can come in many forms, and is defined… Read More
Ethical Concerns and Social Impacts are part of doing business, and companies must take them into account before doing any type of marketing or business… Read More

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