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Depending on their level of income, individual taxpayers in India are subject to an income tax. An individual is subject to a slab system of taxation… Read More
The development of industries in the second part of the nineteenth century and the subsequent need to safeguard interests, express collective requests, and address concerns… Read More
The second half of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of modern industry and the modern Indian working class as a result of the expansion… Read More
Sustainable Finance Scheme programme is intended to introduce mid- to senior-level management to domestic and international developments in sustainable/green finance, emerging trends, new opportunities, and… Read More
The Central Government launched the Skill India Mission in 2015 to prepare Indian youth from rural and urban areas for employment. It aims to empower… Read More
Through a process known as “Operation Twist,” the Reserve Bank of India conducts concurrent purchases and sales of long- and short-term government securities on the… Read More
A Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (SCSS) is a government-sponsored retirement savings program. Senior citizens in India can invest a lump sum in the scheme, either… Read More
Agritech Summit is a venue for bringing together the top political leaders, legislators, thought leaders, and businesses engaged in agriculture-related technologies to share knowledge and… Read More
In a democracy, each citizen is free to protect his/her social rights; the same is stated in the constitution of India. But in many cases,… Read More
The essential component of a drug or treatment that gives it the desired therapeutic effect or causes it to exhibit the specified pharmacological activity is… Read More
The world is going through an energy crisis and needs a sustainable energy resource as fossil fuels are now about to end. Also burning fossil… Read More
India is an agricultural nation, and agriculture is the primary source of income for the vast majority of its citizens. A valuable resource for agriculture’s… Read More
The preamble of the Indian Constitution states that gender equality is a fundamental principle, and women’s equality is a fundamental right. The state is required… Read More
Modern large-scale warehouse facilities are expected to be developed as part of the Multi Modal Logistic Park project. It is establishing itself as a one-stop… Read More
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) established the Basel Norms as the standards for international banking laws. These standards aim to harmonize international financial… Read More

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