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After three long decades, the Union Cabinet approved a new educational policy in July 2020 that was aimed at several changes beginning from school to… Read More
Globalisation is the process in which countries, companies and governments worldwide are open to interconnect and interlink. It means that the countries are interdependent and… Read More
The Government of India, with the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), launched the Accelerate Vigyan Scheme on July 1, 2020. Its purpose is to… Read More
Pursuing Economics as a subject or learning Economics as your interest, we all come across with the famous name ‘Alfred Marshall’. He was a British… Read More
SAARC: The regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union of governments in South Asia are known as the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Its… Read More
A remote and automated lending procedure known as “digital lending” makes extensive use of seamless digital technology for customer acquisition, the credit assessment, loan approval,… Read More
World cities culture forum is a network of local governments.  It is consist of 43 members. The world is going through urbanization and rural culture… Read More
Construction and demolition waste includes concrete, timber, lumber, roofing drywall, landscaping asphalt, gypsum, metals, plastics, doors, windows, and plumbing materials.  The waste come through the… Read More
The inability to provide for even the most basic needs is known as ultra-poverty. Those who are extremely poor frequently lack education, have few or… Read More
A legally mandated and equally distributed cash award is provided by the government to all people of a given nation under the socio-political financial transfer… Read More
A refugee is a person who is compelled to leave their country due to violence, conflict, or persecution. A refugee typically fears being persecuted because… Read More
The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a government-sponsored initiative aiming to give local mom-and-pop shops and small businesses access to systems and tools… Read More
All the communities that were notified initially under the Criminal Tribes Acts, which the British Raj enacted between 1871 and 1947, are referred to as… Read More
The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) aids in fostering the growth of the Far Eastern Russian economy as well as expanding global collaboration in the Asia Pacific… Read More
The Government Securities Acquisition Program (G-SAP) is essentially a much bigger and more unconditional Open Market Operation (OMO). The G-SAP is an OMO with a “unique… Read More

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