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Semiconductors are materials that conduct electricity under specific circumstances, i.e., they need a medium to do so. They are pure materials with a mix of… Read More
Earlier, RBI decided to enforce the circular “Restriction on Storage of Actual Card Data [Card-on-File]” from January 1, 2022. After consultation with all stakeholders,  it… Read More
Agristack is a collection of digital information and technology aimed at farmers and the agricultural industry. AgriStack will give farmers a standardized platform to offer… Read More
In the nineteenth century, India saw the emergence of the contemporary working class. This change resulted from the construction of contemporary factories, railroads, dockyards, and… Read More
National security is one of the primary concerns of every nation, and thus, almost all economies spend a considerable amount in the defense sector. In… Read More
Air pollution has increased significantly in almost all the regions of India in the past few years, and most of it is accounted for by… Read More
In order to assist nations throughout the world in achieving their economic, social, and environmental objectives, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA),… Read More
In accordance with the Payment and Settlement Act of 2007, a “digital payment” is any “electronic funds transfer” method. It includes point-of-sale transfers, automated teller machine… Read More
Investment is quite necessary for any economy to grow, and that investment can either be domestic or foreign investment. Foreign investment provides a boost to… Read More
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is a UN organization established on 1964 with the mission of fostering trade, investment, and business… Read More
Ayushman Bharat, a government of India flagship program, was introduced as advised by the National Health Policy of 2017. The goal is to realize universal health… Read More
Shrinkflation is a circumstance in which a product’s size “shrinks” or decreases even though its price stays the same. When a product’s size shrinks while… Read More
The entire procedure of acquiring, storing, and delivering resources to their intended location is referred to as “logistics“. Among other things, it includes stock, tools,… Read More
The globe is plagued by poverty, which is a persistent condition of human society. The eradication of poverty has always been a goal that should… Read More
29 existing labor laws were consolidated into 4 Labor Codes in the 2019 and 2020 sessions by the Indian Parliament. These are called Labor Law… Read More

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