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According to government data, China has had the world’s fastest-expanding economy since the 1980s, in 2020, its GDP was 14.72 trillion U.S. dollars. China is… Read More
The public sector of an economy is the part of the economy that provides infrastructure, public transportation, public education, health care, and police and military… Read More
Agriculture has played a significant role in the evolution of human civilization. Farming is the cultivation of domestic animals, fish, birds, plants, crops, and other… Read More
For the macroeconomic analysis, the four aggregate macroeconomic sectors that form the basic foundation are household, business, government, and foreign—which account for four gross domestic… Read More
The idea of social justice is that each person should have equal access to justice, education, health, well-being, privileges, and opportunity regardless of their political, economic,… Read More
India awoke to the fresh dawn of independence on August 15, 1947. After nearly two centuries of British control, we were finally in charge of… Read More
The economic development of any country is directly dependent on the advancement and progress of the three sectors of the economy viz. primary sector, secondary… Read More
‘Individuals as Resource’ is a method of alluding to a nation’s functioning individuals as far as their current useful abilities and capacities. Looking at the… Read More
Deindustrialization is a monetary change wherein work in the assembling area decreases due to different financial or political reasons. The decrease in work in assembling… Read More