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The country’s growth rate is ultimately determined by the quality of its population. The efficiency of a country’s human resources in terms of productivity, the… Read More
India has a long history of being a highly developed economic system with strong commercial ties to other regions of the globe. Many economists hailed… Read More
Agriculture is the major source of income, for roughly 58 percent of India’s population. India is the world’s second-largest producer of agricultural products. Agriculture employed… Read More
India’s central monetary authority is the Reservespan Bank of India. Every year in April, the Reserve Bank of India announces its monetary policy. Generally, in… Read More
The Union Budget provides information about the expected receivables and payable of the government for a financial year that runs from April 1st to March… Read More
Both the Government and private sector are crucial in a mixed economy like India. The Government requires infrastructural, economic, and welfare activities for maximizing the… Read More
Organic farming is a type of farming that maintains and improves the natural balance of the environment. To put it another way, this farming technique… Read More
The unorganized sector consists of all unregulated private businesses owned by individuals or small firms that sell or produce goods and services on a proprietary… Read More
 Buffer stock is an arrangement or scheme in which it is stored during good harvest times so that crop values do not fall below the… Read More
A loan is a type of debt that an individual or other entity takes on. The borrower receives a sum of money from the lender,… Read More
Renewable energy sources, often known as non-conventional energy, are sources that are renewed by natural processes on a continual basis. Solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy… Read More
The recent data from IMF shows when ranked by nominal GDP, India has risen to become the world’s fifth-largest economy. The Indian economy is separated… Read More
Globalization is a system of interaction between countries throughout the world aimed at developing the global economy. Globalization refers to the worldwide interconnectedness of economies… Read More
According to government data, China has had the world’s fastest-expanding economy since the 1980s, in 2020, its GDP was 14.72 trillion U.S. dollars. China is… Read More
The public sector of an economy is the part of the economy that provides infrastructure, public transportation, public education, health care, and police and military… Read More

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