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Foreign trade liberalization simply means the relaxation provided by the government in foreign trade laws and policies. These relaxations mainly include a reduction in taxes… Read More
Development does not mean that only a section of the society gets benefited, but in the true sense, the development of a nation reflects an… Read More
Environment and economy are like two wheels of a bike that need to be driven together for the growth of a nation. Many renowned economists… Read More
Money laundering usually refers to making money via illegal sources and presenting it as legit money. However, money is not limited to making illegal money… Read More
Energy is a critical component of a country’s economic development. It is widely utilized in agricultural and allied fields such as the manufacturing and delivery… Read More
The value of the currency depreciates as inflation rises. This is why the RBI keeps track of money supply by categorizing it as ‘reserve money,’… Read More
Capitalist Economic System: The term “Capitalist Economy” refers to an economic system in which private people own and control the means of production, and economic… Read More
Every nation is developing at its own pace but its development benefits every citizen of a nation that’s the central question? If the progress and… Read More
A public-private partnership commonly referred to as a PPP, 3P, or P3, is a long-term collaboration between two or more public and private sectors. Generally,… Read More
The Government of India started the MSME plan, which is a ministry that seeks to offer financial help to small and medium-sized businesses. This plan… Read More
Trading and investing are two different things that people usually consider a single thing. Trading simple means buying or selling particular stuff while on the… Read More
Mass transportation is the movement of people within a certain area by using group travel transportation systems such as buses, metro, trains, etc. Mass transport… Read More
The components of an economy’s aggregate spending that are unaffected by the actual amount of income in that same economy are referred to as autonomous… Read More
Power, also known as electricity, is the most visible form of energy that is often associated with progress in modern civilization. It is an important… Read More
Manufacturing from locally available resources is referred to as regional resource-based manufacturing. The goal of a regional resource-based approach is to offer public (and private)… Read More

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