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India is a mineral-rich country and mining exploration is one of the major industrial activities in India. India is one of the leading countries where… Read More
The Solar Storm is a problem, or rather we can say that it is a disturbance that takes place or occurs in the sun. The… Read More
Union Ministry of Electronics & IT and Law Justice, and Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and Textiles inaugurated a workshop on “Street Swabhiman –… Read More
The Sahakar Mitra Initiative is expected to help cooperative institutions obtain access to fresh and innovative ideas from young professionals, while interns will receive field… Read More
The credit for laying a sound foundation for the Mughal Administration goes to Emperor Akbar. Most of Sher Shah’s initiatives were followed and expanded upon… Read More
GOBAR Dhan Yojana is the central government scheme launched in 2018-19 in the central budget. The main Moto of this scheme is to generate employment… Read More
Swadhar Greh Scheme focuses on women who are victims of difficult conditions and who require institutional support for rehabilitation. They receive housing, food, clothing, medical… Read More
The HRIDAY Scheme, also known as the National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana, is a central sector programme. In 2015, the Ministry of Housing… Read More
Public servants know how to deliver services with responsiveness, equity, humanness, and integrity to become more effective and improve their productivity. Humanness is one of… Read More
Probiotics are living bacteria and yeast that reside in your body naturally. In your body, both healthy and dangerous microorganisms are always present. When you… Read More
The establishment of a permanent Inter-State Council as an independent national forum for consultation with a well-defined mandate in conformity with Article 263 of the… Read More
We, humans, are highly inquisitive beings. Our journey to exploring this planet has no end. We have made immense progress in exploring space, but the… Read More
The moral beliefs and ideals that guide one’s behaviour and decision-making are called conscience. It kicks off when a person is confronted with an ethical… Read More
Over the centuries, farms and cultivation fields are feeding everyone on the planet. However, in the last few decades, with the increasing population and colonization,… Read More
The process of planting trees and developing land into a forest area is called afforestation. Compensatory Afforestation is the process of indirect afforestation activities that… Read More

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