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Lightworks is a free video editing software, it also includes the paid version which provides some premium features. If you are starting with video editing,… Read More
If you want to increase the performance of your desktop or laptop, enabling dual-channel memory might be a good alternative so that you can perform… Read More
Movie Maker video is one of the best video editors available on the Microsoft store itself and is absolutely free. Movie maker video editor is… Read More
Scala is the programming language that is highly used as it is the most convenient programming language. Every programming language belongs to some category. Depending… Read More
Python-VideoCapture is a Python library that provides easy access to video-capturing devices (such as webcams) and video files using the OpenCV library. It allows you… Read More
Open source development is a collaborative approach to software development that emphasizes transparency, community participation, and the free distribution of the resulting software code. In… Read More
A C# library project is a separate project used to hold utility classes. So this might be the class that handles our database or might… Read More
Windows 11 may be the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean Windows 10 users have to miss out on all… Read More
A Multi-ISO USB drive is a type of USB drive that enables you to store multiple operating systems on a single drive. This allows you… Read More
Jenkins can be installed in many ways – but after installation, the way to set up Jenkins in all the systems is the same. The… Read More
A free third-party program called WinDirStat is a hard drive utilization statistic viewer that enables you to see precisely which files are consuming the most… Read More
Express Rip is a Windows tool that allows you to immediately extract digital audio tracks from audio CDs and save them as MP3 or WAV… Read More
There are different types of data visualization modules in Python like Matplotlib, Seaborn, or Plotly among them Bokeh module is one which is used to… Read More
You might have used Instagram on your smartphone in the past or still do so, isn’t it? If you do, you might have come across… Read More
OSSEC is an open-source Host dependent Intrusion detection software. OSSEC could be understood as Operating System Security. OSSEC is available for all major operating systems… Read More

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