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Category Archives: Installation Guide

Boto3 is the Python component. It can assume as a package that needs to take the help of Python for execution. Actually, Boto3 belongs to… Read More
Py-asn is a Python module that is said to be an extension module. It provides\Enables a fast IP address to Autonomous System Numbers Lookups. It… Read More
GitHub Copilot is an AI tool developed by OpenAI and GitHub. Its purpose is to help developers using Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio… Read More
The MongoDB BI Connector enables us to create SQL queries for MongoDB data. Relational BI solutions such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Qlik may be used… Read More
Manjaro is a free open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system. Its features include a highly customizable GUI with a powerful command-line… Read More
Docker Desktop is a native desktop application for Windows and Mac users created by Docker. It is the most convenient way to launch, build, debug, and… Read More
Netbeans is a free and open-source IDE for developing desktop, mobile, and web applications. It allows you to create applications in a variety of languages,… Read More
Git is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) that is used to for version control of any set of files, typically, the source code… Read More
Go (also known as Golang) is an open-source programming language focused on simplicity, reliability, and efficiency, developed at Google in 2007. It’s a multipurpose, statically… Read More
Zoom Meetings (stylized as zoom) is a proprietary videotelephony software package developed by Zoom Video Communications. There is a 40-minute time limit on the free… Read More
easy_install was included in setuptools in 2004 and is now deprecated. It was remarkable at the time to automatically install dependencies and install packages from… Read More
Julia is a high-level open-source programming language, developed by MIT. It is a dynamic, high-performance programming language that is used to perform operations in scientific… Read More
WireMock is a tool for mocking HTTP-based APIs that runs in the unit tests, on the desktop, or in the test environment. We can also… Read More
Canva Application is the most popular Australian graphic design application developed by Perkins Inc. that allows its users to create various social media posts and… Read More
WonderShare PDFelement application is the most popular PDF reader and the editing application on Windows devices developed by WonderShare Inc. The WonderShare PDFelement application is… Read More

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